The optimal process of bilateral and planar grinding is controlled

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Further research and development sets the efficient grinding cutting tool that passes feeling component and number to send a function as it is said and supervisory system of its technical data, can make the flow of bilateral and accurate plane abrasion of planetary movement way achieves maximize. Optimized spherical appearance reduced interface to accumulate, in using planetary transmission way and new-style flow data to collect process of bilateral and planar grinding, the fewer quantity of heat that can achieve taller grinding efficiency and workpiece to go up guides the bilateral and planar grinding that uses planetary campaign basically is used at plane of parallel to the nicety of compressed workpiece function to undertake machining. Because treatment technology is very flexible, because this is acceptability the workpiece material range of treatment is extremely wide, the geometrical appearance of workpiece is OK also varied, for example gear, block razor blade of annulus and spacer, dislocation and disc knife to wait. Workpiece is bilateral on a working procedure the annular grinding that accepts two to set lining at the same time dish grinding. Pass the control of force of pair of bit body feed, can keep the normal power that material cut place needs well, and the effect that does not suffer workpiece ply. From this, workpiece can be in the emery wheel that in be not being brought to planetary gear case below the circumstance of press press, moves around equipment center (graph 1) . The athletic principle of graph 1 AC700-F bilateral and compressed grinder adopts principle of main transfer machinery of this kind of planet, workpiece draws the outline of circular contrail in grinding treatment process, if pursue,2 are shown. This kind of mutual motion between cutting tool and workpiece, can make diamond layer achieves very balanced load, material grinding also very level off. What accurate and planar treatment needs this. Peace of the good dimension precision that can realize other and planar grinding to cannot be achieved from this, flatness is spent all right wait for treatment result. Grinder of A double flank; B planet moves; C contrail appearance pursues a variety of elements affect the 2 imitate contrail figure that are used at designing planetary motion rate grinding effect as other grinding craft, result of bilateral and planar grinding also can get the influence of numerous element. The main influencing factor that need considers sees the graph is shown 3 times. If all features of workpiece all get set, criterion equipment must make corresponding design in the respect such as norms and drive power. When processing the large work with difficult cut simple material especially, if the drive power of emery wheel has designed little word, machine exercise to be able to get very big restrict. Once grinding dish diametical design and work standards do not match, although adopt planetary drive mechanism, also can make grinding lining wears away inhomogenous, affect the result of treatment thereby. Graph the 3 influencing factor Nextpage that can affect grinding result if grinding cutting tool and use cooling lubricant and the word that machine workpiece not to match, the advantage of bilateral and compressed grinder has to be less than sufficient play. Only mature to all influencing factor, just can pass the exercise parameter with appropriate set to achieve ideal treatment result. Choosing correct craft parameter is critical process set or parameter of right choice craft, it is the key that finishs treatment job satisfactorily likewise. Here, the rotate speed of the ring of sale in domestic market that two emery wheel and drive leaf turntable run is very important. This is the grinding contrail that decided workpiece to go up in bit body lining directly because of rotate speed relation. Only workpiece runs orbit to cover all area of lining approximately, what just can make cutting tool achieves a hope is even suffer carry, achieve favorable treatment result. In the past, why to plant to obtain rotate speed most be helpful for place given applying the data of the circumstance, need accumulates old job experience or often carry out many experiment. During this, through using simulator, below the parameter condition of place make choice of, can calculate beforehand a needs contrail (graph 2) . Make fast and proper response to unforeseen change all conducing to master grinding flow and unforeseen to technological process change to make mix quickly the information of proper response is very important. For example, the information such as the force that concerned diamond wears away or the area contacts between cutting tool and workpiece and temperature change circumstance can help people the understanding to technological process, make grinding flow enter a kind of admirable stable moving state thereby. In the plan of new-style emery wheel of research and development of place of Peter Wolters company, sensor and wireless data send sent telemetering unit one case by compositive go up to emery wheel (graph 4) . Can accomplish first from this to machining the load of the emery wheel in flow when bilateral and planar grinding the circumstance has observation. Graph 4 of sensor " wisdom " the other data that the tectonic union of emery wheel uses equipment to go up (wait like velocity of flow of driving moment, cooling medium, temperature) , can have integration analysis and judge to equipment technological process. Filter through data of a kind of Datacare system, peter Wolters company can offer a kind to compare before faster the efficient tool that optimizes craft parameter. The steadily craft condition that obtains from this conduces to what equipment manufactures efficiency rising. Can use parameter of this kind of craft to analyse a tool, so that from inside can lay use grinding cutting tool in great quantities, for specific application the circumstance chooses an appropriate grinding, or undertake optimizing handling to grinding cutting tool. Decide really to standards of technology of grinding cutting tool, often be a kind of compromise between the workpiece surface quality that wants in ability of the biggest grinding and place. Say commonly, people is worth from its experience or manufactory home experience and the work that equipment handles personnel choose grinding cutting tool on experience. When deciding some kind of technological process, often pay close attention to the element such as type of grain size, grain and combinative other people only. The appearance of diamond layer is designed, for example the grain size of diamond layer and appearance (Pellets) the space with meantime, often can be dropped by oversight or negligence. Raise efficiency of unit time cutting to be in treatment is not sensitive the workpiece with stability (the stator that is like pump or rotor) when, people normally efficiency of first consideration cutting. Actually to very high cutting time and volume rate case, very high surface pressure also is indispensable. Very high surface pressure should rely on the perpendicular force talent with more expensive system of installation negative charge to obtain. But, this respect also has drawback, namely although equipment can achieve requires cutting perpendicular force, often also be in its move on ability limit. In addition, exorbitant perpendicular force brings about the flexibility of the component such as emery wheel of such as exercise easily also to be out of shape, affect treatment result thereby. To avoid this kind of effect, cutting perpendicular force maintains the equipment that should require cubage of specific cutting time than place to go up in inferior level as far as possible. Through reducing place of face of working emery wheel the area of corresponding effective grinding face is mixed raise level of exterior cutting force, can achieve this goal. The efficiency of very tall unit time cutting that the unit pressure that increases between grinding grain and workpiece cutting material can bring place to need. Through be being mixed with Tech stone mill of these two King Kong cuts Diprotex the close cooperation of tool production manufacturer, came true to drop the production strategy of diamond layer area in flow of treatment of two demonstrative sexes. Use the diamond layer of special effectiveness, the valid area that can reduce diamond layer (graph 5) . A- chamfer; B- diamond layer 83% ; C- chamfer; D- lining 63% ; E- chamfer; F- diamond layer 53% graphs 5 diamond of the layer decrease and appearance uses lesser diamond layer area to narrow diamond layer area, can achieve the exterior cutting pressure that place of efficiency of cutting of specific unit time needs, make emery wheel reachs longer service life thereby, make workpiece achieves higher quality. From this, grinding exercise is OK rise to be close to 80 loops from about 35 original loops, just need to accept later safeguard. Differ according to be aimed at groovy place is given the test of the cutting power that rate of grinding of 100 μ M/min needs, can see, lesser grinding face can make cutting force reduce. Machine a circumstance in the light of the 2nd kind, machine the component of large area namely, development went a kind of special cricoid emery wheel. This kind of emery wheel is OK even and contractible the interface of 74% , achieve more effective cutting and the rate of be heated radiate that lower a component thereby. The grinding pressure of unit area criterion from about 0.

3daN/cm2, rise 1.

1daN/cm2. Improving G scale (between material grinding and diamond layer wear and tear scale) while, can raise the grinding rate of 25 μ M/min to rate of grinding of 60 μ M/min. On a Peter Wolters AC700-F grinder, the component that can be 500 μ M to mental allowance between two grinding loop undertakes 10 times adding installing, every time the grinding treatment of 5 components. To the workpiece of difficult treatment, this numerical value has been very good. Pass process data surveillance, simplify optimization flow passes the function of process data surveillance that uses afore-mentioned systems, the virtue that still can discover its are very big depends on going up to the adjustment of cutting force, realize volume of steady unit time cutting thereby. It is for example in circumstance of the first kind of application, can adjust according to the circumstance of driving moment the size of cutting force, improve grinding efficiency from this. Can make clear finally a bit, use monitoring system of data of process of such as Datacare namely, OK and great raise flow to optimize degree, perhaps can seek the way of new technical plan. In addition, successive process data logging also can be in ensure the machine tool stabilizes moving respect for a long time, to the operation of bilateral and planar grinder personnel provides support. CNC Milling