Of cutting tool optimize application

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In metallic treatment, realizing efficient treatment is the lasting pursuit that all production enterprises include tool manufacturer. In recent years, enter rapid development phase as automobile manufacturing industry, diversification and individuation become the main characteristic that its develop, and the quick response capacity that increases a car to make an enterprise change to market demand is the important step that wins competition. In the meantime, the car such as engine, gear-box made a manufacturer 0 times also raise more pressing requirement to efficient treatment. Machine tool, tool, craft even the metropolis influence such as fluid of process designing software, cutting machines efficiency, but making the essential factor with the mainest treatment is: Machine tool, tool and cutting tool. Among them, cutting tool rises to excise the action of material finally, be whether the main influencing factor that realizes efficient treatment. Especially, cutting tool has optional choose sex, use limit of existing production facilities, will shorten through cutting tool handling time, efficient to coming true treatment is had urge action directly. Archaism says " labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement " , nowadays, in modern manufacturing industry it more was gifted more extensive connotation. Want to improve treatment efficiency, optimize ceaselessly " edge tool " -- cutting tool is crucial, below the means that brief introduction optimizes cutting tool a few kinds. "Benefit " its material is qualitative, change cutting speed all the time since, tool supplier is in ceaseless research and development, roll out service life the cutting tool with rapidder rate of longer, cutting, in order to achieve higher feed rate, improve treatment efficiency. Want to change cutting rate, the key is to should change capable person of cutting material mother and exterior coating. Current, tool supplier basically is centered at hard alloy and partial CBN to the choice of cutting tool material, and increase strength of research and development ceaselessly, roll out taste newly, the cutting tool material that stays in friendly company to roll out with Japan is character exemple: To the cutting of general carbon steel and alloy steel, speed of inchoate qualitative cutting of material of hard alloy coating is V=100 ~ 250m/min, and live friend is new V=390m/min already reached cutting speed promotion when the technical innovation that the material that roll out pledges AC700G/AC820P passes mother capable person and coating to go up is machining SCM420 transmission shaft. In the meantime, have be able to bear or endure preeminently collapse caustic sex, when machining SCM425 gear, can realize 5mm to cut fall greatly, feed is amounted to 0.

5mm/rev, it is original material 1 of simple service life.

5 ~ 2.

7 times. To quenching steel (HRC58 ~ 62) material product, bolt like bearing, axis and the kind of grinding treatment has again after the turning before gear uses heat treatment mostly is machined, low, dimension assures efficiency not easily. Also partial user uses CBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) material is machined character, but cutting speed is inferior (80 ~ 150m/min) , treatment efficiency and exterior quality are not high. Live the speed of cutting of new material qualitative BNC100 that friend rolls out achieves 100 ~ 300m/min, and be in maintain tall linear velocity while make feed value is achieved 0.

1 ~ 0.

35mm/rev. Same, in car mould milling, the BN700 material that stays in friendly company to develop pledges razor blade of round blade mill cooperates BRC arbor, treatment SKD quenchs to HRC47 ~ 52 material are mixed NAK can realize 150 ~ respectively when 45 material of ~ of hard steel HRC40 beforehand 400m/min reachs 200 ~ of 800m/min exceed high speed finish machining, handling time shortened 3 ~ 5 times, and the surface is bright and clean degree exceedingly good. "Benefit " its structure, change cutting tool but cutting surplus and feed " benefit " its structure basically is to point to optimize cutter hub structure and bit geometry design ceaselessly, from improvement the respect such as means of cutting force, cutting blade and intensity achieves the new breakthrough that machines efficiency, with Japanese BIG (big clear and) mix friendly product is exemple: 1.

The horn before what BIG of milling cutter of FCM sharp peak had the part before the horn before 20 ° axial and very big radial on milling cutter is double is designed, not only cutting is light, and resistance exceeds low, at the same time first will prejudicial hind horny technology applies machine clip type to establish milling cutter to go up, the part after making won't be too large, what both neither affects where a thing can be put to best use is sharp degree, can increase edge strength again, blade of not easy collapse. E.g. , on machine tool of BT40 main shaft, cutting S50C material, φ 32mm milling cutter, cut deep 9mm, rotate speed 1500r/min, feed can amount to 550mm/min. Because cutting is light, good right angle and beautiful mural side are had after at the same time the product is machined, straight angle can be in 0.

01mm, surface roughness Ra is 0.

51mm. This product not only the breakthrough that can achieve efficiency to go up in groovy chamfer mill, square shoulder mill, more make be not worth in main shaft motivation, clip holds tigidity not beautiful, dangerous deep longer the circumstance undertakes efficient treatment becomes a possibility. 2.

EWB - the chief characteristic that UP high speed exceeds head of boring of essence of accurate boring head is implementation adjustment precision and treatment precision, because head of boring of essence of life belongs to odd blade cutting, should reach high speed and efficient treatment cannot leave dynamic balancing. BIG company adjusts dimension precision and to it the dynamic balancing with deflection quits quantity adjusts confluence is divided to head of a boring, circle through two scale twist came true easily to adjust precision 0.

001mm, g6 of coefficient of the dynamic balancing when top rotate speed.

The requirement of 3. Cooperate material of diamond, CBN to be opposite character aluminium alloy component (like gear-box housing) reach product of cast-iron crock aperture to undertake machining, the high speed that can realize 200 ~ 2000m/min is efficient treatment, get favorable treatment result. 3.

Cutting tool of blame mark complex structure complex to a large number of structures, working procedure is various and the product of difficult treatment, standard cutting tool already cannot satisfy the requirement of efficient treatment. This needs to written guarantee to cutting tool according to specific spare parts compose undertakes having the design of specific aim more, reduce the time that change a knife effectively. Stay in friendly company to be aimed at the special cutting tool of research and development of project of Kong Jia of car engine crankshaft, camshaft, include milling cutter of housing washer of car broach, valve, automatic oriented boring cutter to wait, the typical product that dispute mark cutting tool promotes efficient treatment to develop. "Benefit " its clip is held, realizing tall cutting speed and clip of big feed knife handle to run a system is the join that delivers to machine tool main shaft and cutting tool, it bears the weight of the tigidity of the precision of main shaft, tigidity and knife handle itself, and dynamic balancing sex, clip holds force and clip to hold precision, it is implementation high speed the requirement of efficient treatment. It is with BIG product exemple: 1.

High speed high accuracy clip holds knife handle to be aimed at the following cutting tool of diametical φ 20mm, be in especially φ 0.

Cutting tool of the trail inside 25 ~ 12mm, want to realize treatment of efficient, high accuracy, get exceedingly good face bright and clean degree, need comes true through high speed treatment, this holds precision and index of dynamic balancing function to raise stricter grade requirement to knife handle clip. The mix of product of series of beautiful clip knife handle of BIG holds port to beat precision is 0.

001mm, jumpy precision is before 4 times diameter 0.

003mm, chuck accuracy class is AA class, knife handle all passes processing of dynamic balancing experiment, top rotate speed can amount to 40 000r/min, and standard configuration center gives water, the requirement that aperture of bore of high accuracy of completely contented high speed, bore with a reamer and milling machine. To φ of product of aluminium alloy cylinder body 8.

Bore of 5 × 5D undertakes machining, FTO of broach of coating of OSG hard alloy is used after using the United States to place knife handle - GDS, treatment parameter is N=6000r/min, f=0.

45mm/rev, efficiency promotes 3 ~ 4 times. In the meantime, make bore diameter precision gets assuring effectively. 2.

Cut again puissant model clip holds knife handle this sort knife handle basically is aimed at φ 20 ~ 50mm is bigger diametical cutting tool, because this diameter limits belongs to rough machining category, because this is right,the tigidity of knife handle and clip hold force to having higher demand. The series of HMC puissant knife handle of BIG has distinctive slit orgnaization, control a ministry to add thick, tigidity is good, have 300Nm exceed strong torque. The another BBT beauty of BIG places high speed series of times force knife handle, can satisfy high speed the need of puissant cutting, clip holds precision to be in 0.

005 ~ 0.

Between 01mm. If cooperate to be able to make knife handle cone and two sides of flange end panel are stuck with BBT main shaft,tighten cooperate, tigidity can enhance 3 ~ 4 times, realize strong muscularity efficiency to be cut again, get good deep aperture machines the effect. Epilogue machines a domain in the car, in undertaking large quantities of quantities produce a course especially, speed of the precision of cutting tool, cutting and life affect metre of the actuate rate of product line, treatment directly, final even production efficiency. According to investigation, the cost of cost of user cutting tool of nearly 70% takes our country the proportion that produces totle drilling cost is 2% ~ 3% , although scale is not very tall, but the choice is reliable, applicable and efficient cutting tool product, can reduce the totle drilling cost that the enterprise produces considerably however. Notable is, in the process that replaces ceaselessly in cutting tool product, although tool supplier changes cutting tool material to pledge ceaselessly, but its are original cutter hub did not have a change however, and the cutting tool price after the change also was not adjusted. Right truckload reach component to create a company and character, when to the treatment of some working procedure efficiency feels defective or resenting, try to choose new cutting tool product to perhaps change the cutter hub product of original structure, what be less than to expect rise to urge action to efficient treatment while the likelihood is not raising cost. In the meantime, deploy the cutting tool administrator that is in charge of seriously, believe to be in assure effectively to machine efficiency while, can improve productivity considerably. CNC Milling