The measurement of deepness of taper hole keyway

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The V that my company produces is taken annulus (see a picture 1) , use with the dynamo conic cooperate, deliver torsion in order to make the same score key. Conic assorted advantage is can automatic centering, consequently both axes can achieve taller coaxial to spend a requirement, but it is difficult to machine and examine. After machining keyway, deepness of taper hole keyway uses vernier calipers to measure taper hole is large needle to order the measure to keyway so, this kind detects method error is too big, it is very difficult that its reason depends on taper hole is large needle nodding a diameter to be measured with vernier calipers measure a real value, do not measure a needle to order part of the biggest diameter, what measure numerical fault too big. Pass an analysis later, the error that since measure a needle,nods is bigger, how to avoid the measurement of the dot, instead Where is the measurement between two lines or plane? All of us knows, cone spare parts is being made its are conic in the process diameter, angle all can produce an error, conic diameter error, affect the tool reference plane when cone is united in wedlock to be apart from; Round cone angle spends an error, influence cone combines quality. To make the accurate union of cone spare parts is mixed crossing-over, need to check to conic diameter and angle error. Measure the error of spare parts diameter with cone gauge, be differentiate cone diameter comes between two limits that whether the end panel of the spare parts is in gauge according to be being measured whether accord with the requirement. With chromatic law examination round cone angle spends 2 α . Chromatic cone gauge is shown 2 times like the graph. Through using chromatic cone gauge will conic aperture fills solid, come so, keyway deepness can turn into measure the interval between two parallel plane, will measure difficulty to be reduced greatly. Can use vernier calipers to be measured conveniently. Because of metrical dimension translate into the distance between two plane and sketch design measurement are different, must calculate so keyway the dimension of two plane. Computational process is as follows: Build technology measure chain (see a picture 3)   computation seals closed circuit dimension and public errand basic measure L0 =15.


5 Mm =2.

ES0 =+0 of the deviation on 9 Mmnextpage   .

2 Mm -0 Mm =+0.

2 Mm   issues deviation EI0 =0 Mm -(+0.

05) Mm =-0.

So dimension of keyway end panel is 05 Mm   the ultimate size that seals closed circuit is the largest ultimate size L0max = L 0+ ES0=2.

9 Mm +0.

2 Mm =3.

1 Mm   is the smallest ultimate size L0min = L0 + EI0=2.

9 Mm -0.

05 Mm =2.

The taper of vertical distance round taper hole of two plane is keyway of 85 Mm   1: 5, half horn is 5 ° 42 ' 38 " (5.

711 ° ) . Lmax = L 0maxcos5 of size of the biggest maximum.

711 ° =3.

1 Mm × 0.


085 Mm (is the smallest hypostatic)   is the smallest ultimate size Lmin = L0min Cos5.

711 ° =2.

85 Mm × 0.


836 Mm (is the biggest hypostatic)   puts chromatic cone gauge V inside belt annulus taper hole, use vernier calipers measures keyway size, what should measure numerical value to be in only 2.

836 ~3.

Qualification is inside 085 Mm limits. To improve detected efficiency, the design fills in piece replace vernier calipers. According to GB/T1957, 2006 a place of strategic importance piece, end stop dimension calculates as follows: The tolerancepublic errand T= Lmax -Lmin=3 of keyway dimension.

085 Mm -2.

836 Mm =0.

249 Mm   is rectified by IT14 circle for 0.

25, fill in if a graph of belt of dimension public errand pursues 4 are shown, check a watch to get T1=0.

009, z1=0.

020. Tell end Tmax= Lmin +Z1+T1/2=2 of size of the biggest maximum.

836 Mm +0.



861 Mm   because this, fill in dimension is an end stop, the dimension that tell end is. Fill in if a graph pursues 5 are shown. Aborning, a place of strategic importance piece cooperate to use with chromatic cone gauge detect taper hole chamfer is deep, convenient and quick, reliability is high. Pass first appraisal of the product and the test and verify that produce actually, the design that can satisfy a product completely asks. Solved deepness of taper hole keyway to measure inaccurate issue, rose to measure efficiency. CNC Milling