Series of NC3010 aureate coating

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Is KORLOY brand-new roll out material of turning of ISO of series of NC3010 aureate coating to pledge - - the leader character: with steel turning new treatment? ? .

NC3010 is to be below circumstance of high speed treatment, steel turning machines newest innovation material to pledge (P10)     2.

Because matrix of material of high strenth hard alloy and photograph of technology of new-style CVD coating are united in wedlock, NC3010 is machined in high speed treatment smooth. 3.

NC3010 is had exceed strong wearability and tenacity, with old NC3010 material pledges photograph comparing has longer cutting tool life. NC 3010 is new aureate coating NC 3010 is new aureate coating is analytic sketch map interior is analytic: 1.

Matrix of material of high strenth hard alloy, with multilayer aggrandizement process. 2.

Use precision of TiN coating surface tall, have lubricant function, can judge cutting blade to wear away accordingly degree. 3.

Film of new-style AL2O3 coating is shown in high speed turning fight oxidisability admirably. 4.

Coating film is had exceed powerful felt force. 5.

Film of coating of column form MT-CVD raised the wearability of cutting tool and tenacity. CNC Milling