A kind of economy accurate and fast prototype makes a technology

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Summary: Analysing at present already on some foundations of weakness of all sorts of fast and archetypal production technology, put forward a kind of new-style thick cascade layer that is based on outline of cut of cutting tool tangent to make a technology. This technology is 5 coordinate CNC Milling through transforming 3 coordinate to get milling machine, use existing three-dimensional CAD software, deploy section software, achieved reduce the cost, goal that improves precision and efficiency. Introduced test of compositive plan of the system and abecedarian figuration. The fast prototype that 1 preface studies to compare maturity at present makes a technology (RP) basically has: Stereo flat pressworks (SLA) , three-dimensional print (3D-Printing) , fold a layer to make (agglomeration of LOM) , alternative laser (law of accumulation of frit of SLS) , be in harmony (FDM) . already some in light of all sorts of RP technologies, in the project practical in the problem that a few is badly in need of considering to perfect: Precision and resolution limitation are in 0.

1mm above. Fuse because of heating the brim fire damage that cause and burr make the outline precision of figuration spare parts and exterior surface roughness poorer when Laser Cutting, to improve this kind of condition, need increases milling working procedure. Those who be like American Sanders company " 3D-Plotting " technology, after every figuration, milling this go up the surface in order to control Z to dimension. German Fraunhofer produces the laser of technical institute to become form technology quickly, after the monolayer that forms a part, the outline light that uses part of edge of head of milling of a high speed is rectified. Such, make whole figuration system more complex, its price tall house does not fall. With small hole eject and the technology that push a figuration, small Kong Yi jams, working dependability remains to improve. Certain the technology that uses perpendicular cut to reduce step effect, raise precision, must reduce every thickness as far as possible, this limitted production rate. Most craft confine is planted at some or some a few kinds of material, for example: The powder such as olefin of SLS be confined to, plastic, metal, pottery and porcelain is thermoplastic material: SLA be confined to heats up colophony of solid sex photosensitive: The layer material such as paper of LOM be confined to, tinsel, plastic film: Candle of FDM be confined to, thermoplastic metal of colophony, low melting point. The thick cascade layer of outline of cut of tangent of 2 cutting tool makes technical principle and characteristic above these defect block up the commercial application of RP. Accordingly, inside a few years of henceforth, precision tall, cost is low, applicable the RP technology with material wide range, the mainstream that is this domain research and development. For this, the thick cascade layer that we began to be based on outline of cut of cutting tool tangent makes technical research. Its principle is the three-dimensional CAD model the spare parts statified, give each with CNC Milling treatment next, again each pile, felt, assemble an organic whole, the aftertreatment with proper course (wait like hot pressing, roast) later, the part that forms finally has exact geometrical figure not only, still have good functional structure sex (graph 1) . With general adoption of Laser Cutting outline fold a production etc photograph of fast and archetypal production technology is compared, the is based on outline of cut of cutting tool tangent thick cascade layer that we are studying makes a technology, have precision efficiency of tall, production tall, cost range of low, material is wide wait for an advantage. Specific as follows: Graph the working process of production system of layer of 1 thick cascade pursues 2 perpendicular cut and tangent cut compare sketch map to be when the CAD model to the spare parts is statified, according to the surface of the spare parts complex case undertakes differring thick statified. Machine every monolayer to adopt tangent cut, in order to remove step effect (graph 2) . Because adopt tangent cut,be, make the ply of every monolayer OK bigger (2 ~ 5mm) , and what precision compares average perpendicular cut however is tall. Because use cutting tool (common small diameter establishs milling cutter) cut outline, dimension precision and exterior surface roughness can achieve the result of general CNC Machining. All sorts of project material, include plastic board, epoxy resin board, contented ceramics, plate material, can serve as raw material. Compare with the RP system photograph that uses laser, relatively small, light, petty gain mixes whole machine to be maintained easily. Machine tool of numerical control of case of systematic group set prescription to raise precision, we use thickening cut of tangent of statified, cutting tool, accordingly, uses CNC Milling needs 5 coordinate linkage. 5 coordinate are respectively: The whirl that X, Y, Z, A(circles X axis) , the whirl that B(circles Y axis) . To reduce cost, we got milling machine to undertake transforming to an old 3 coordinate: Two revolving stage are added on workbench of X, Y (graph 3) , form A, B two coordinate. Cut workbench is installed on small revolving stage. Axis of X, Y, Z, A, B5 all adds outfit pace to enter electromotor, its move to be controlled by system of computerized numerical control. 1.

Y enters electromotor to the pace 2.

X enters electromotor to the pace 3.

Raise board 4.

Z enters electromotor to the pace 5.

Small revolving stage 6.

Large revolving stage 7.

U join board 8.

Large revolving stage is raised board 9.

Motherboard 10.

Cut workbench pursues sketch map of CNC Milling of 3 5 coordinate 1.

Cut workbench 2.

Bolster plate 3.

Already machined workpiece monolayer 4.

Bolt pursues sketch map of plan of 4 outfit mix installs mix plan to hold clip to go to the lavatory, a certain number of craft aperture were machined on cut workbench (graph 4) , when treatment, the outfit clip of each monolayer of the spare parts can use these craft opening: Or, according to specific spare parts the design gives special fixture. Case of recipe of pile, outfit is in cut each monolayer outline while, treatment gives ship-fitter art aperture. When pile, sell with bolt or fixed position assemble, and each use binder between the layer undertake felt, this part uses handiwork temporarily, when it is feasible, mature to wait for whole treatment craft to pass test and verify, execute automation to assemble again. What we use software of three-dimensional CAD modelling is Pro-Engineering. This software uses unified database to manage technology and parameter to change a feature to describe a method, have function of extremely strong three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling, can very construct conveniently all sorts of complex models. The section software of the fast figuration system with section current and average software changes three-dimensional CAD file into STL file format first (develop a success above all by company of American 3D Systems, it is simpler, and have nothing to do with CAD system) , again the data that section processing requires into place of fast figuration system. Because we adopt tangent cut, to the section of three-dimensional 9CAD model, besides the geometrical data that wants the outline that obtains every monolayer, obtain the circumjacent and tangent information of every monolayer even, accordingly we use the method of direct to three-dimensional CAD model section. When the three-dimensional CAD model to the spare parts is statified, according to the surface of the spare parts complex case undertakes differring thick statified, thickening is statified make efficiency and precision organic union rises. We use polyvinyl chloride board, epoxy resin board had abecedarian figuration test. The exterior surface roughness of the model is worth amount to Ra3.

2µm, dimension precision is amounted to 0.

5mm. It is 5 coordinate CNC Milling through transforming 3 coordinate to get milling machine, use existing three-dimensional CAD software, deploy section software, achieved reduce the cost, goal that improves precision and efficiency. CNC Milling