Full automatic characteristic of technology of video measuring instrument

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Full automatic video measuring instrument, it is to be in digitlize video measuring instrument (renown CNC video appearance, its feature consults the place 3 years ago is made please " shallow talk about digitlization and hand to shake the distinction of video measuring instrument " one article, here no longer expatiatory) contact of the artificial intelligence that the development on the foundation rises contemporary and optical blame measures an instrument. Its bear add the athletic precision with digitlization exceedingly good instrument and motion are held control function, the design intelligence of animals of software of shirt-sleeve machine vision, the optical dimension that belongs to current and foremost edge detects equipment. Full automatic video measuring instrument can convenient and undertake three-dimensional coordinate is measured quickly classify with SPC result, contented and modern manufacturing industry detects to dimension increasingly outstanding requirement: More high speed, more convenient, more the measurement with accurate essence needs, solve technology of another bottleneck in manufacturing industry development. "What nowadays whole world provides human nature to change most is full automatic software of video measuring instrument " Normal > is full automatic video measuring instrument, the automatic brim that is based on machine vision manages extraction, automatically be equal to, be opposite automatically anxious, measure the artificial intelligence technology such as synthesis, video synthesis, have bit of where to go which are measured automatically, CNC goes measure automatically, automatic study batch is measured, video map target is how-to, the exceedingly good function such as enlarge of eye of eagle of whole visual field. In the meantime, be based on machine vision and micron what accurate control falls is automatic to anxious process, assist below OK and contented clear radiography measure tall need (Yi Ke joins contact to measure a coordinate that finish to measure tall) . Support the function of exceedingly good software that dimensional coordinate rotates, can undertake below the condition that workpiece sets at will batch is measured, yi Ke uses clamping apparatus to undertake big batch scanning is measured with SPC the result is classified. Normal >normal > is full automatic video measuring instrument is video the high level that measures a technology, have high intelligence to change with automation characteristic. Its superior soft hardware performance lets coordinate dimension measure quantitative change to get convenient and satisfied, have be based on machine vision and process pilot to learn a function automatically, rely on digitlization instrument high speed and the micron form with standard essence goes, but the way that will measure a process, right anxious, anthology switch of dot, function, artificial amend, lamplight matchs to wait for unit process of cargo bandling to teach oneself and be remembered. Full automatic all fact that video measuring instrument can learn operator easily do a process, combine its to be opposite automatically anxious search for with area, target lock is decided, brim extraction, manage be equal to the ambiguous operation that selects a site realizes artificial intelligence, but self-correcting selects a site accurately by workpiece difference and the deflection implementation that walk along a difference to bring about, have high accuracy repeatability. Make operate personnel thereby from exhaustion accurate and visual contrapuntal, select a site often, repeat, the drab operation such as functional switch and increasingly onerous wait for the disengagement in measuring the task to come out, raise workpiece to approve into centuple ground measure efficiency, contented industry sampling observation and big batch detect need. Normal >normal > is newest those who roll out is full automatic video measuring instrument is had measure artificially, CNC scanning is measured, automatic study measures 3 kinds of way, can undertake the module overlay of 3 kinds of means compound measure. Can scan make bird's eye and video map, implementation nods to walk along drawing of which full screen target, measure a result to generate graph and synchronism of film of video map picture, can click a graph to be answered automatically, enlarge of Quan Bingying eye. Can be measured to random dimension passes mark actual measurement correction radiography is become like the error, undertake demarcate to its, improve crucial data thereby batch measure precision. Full automatic video measuring instrument is having friendly man-machine interface, support multiple choice and study to amend, its exceedingly good high speed is measured can amount to 1500mm/min, coincide precision: ± is 2 μ M, linear precision: ± (3+L/150) μ M. Normal > Normal > excellent performance makes its are in round science and technology of all sorts of accurate electrons, crystal, cutting tool, plastic, nice spare parts, bedspring, stamping workpiece, receive plug-in unit, mould, war industry, 2 dimension to copy development of number, plot, project, hardware plastic, PCB board, electric conduction. SK4520A is full automatic video measuring instrument SK is full automatic video measuring instrument bear add the characteristic of the following technology that SK digitlizes video appearance: * collect CNC is measured quickly, film of CAD converse mapping, picture manages at a suit. Applied screen of contemporary optics, computer to measure, the forward position technology such as dimensional geometry operation and accurate sport control, it is the high intelligence that collect light, machine, report, software is an organic whole turns equipment. Have 3 axes numerical control, place walk along desired result of synchronism of film of where, picture, real time, error to amend, workpiece is placed at will, CNC is measured quickly wait for fundamental function. * has extremely high digitlization rate, full operation all is finished by the mouse. Ability of downy numerical control of 3 axes micron, implementation nods to walk along syncretic of where, synchronous reading, man-machine; Good man-machine interface the unit process of cargo bandling loaded down with trivial details is organic and compositive, cast off a hand to shake the mechanical confine of the times; Real time is nonlinear the precision that the error amends the existence in making its broke through conventional device and speed limit; Convenient CNC is measured quickly, through sample actual measurement, blueprint data of computation, CNC guides wait for means to build CNC coordinate data, by the instrument automatic trend is looked punctuation undertakes metrical operating each times, the personnel below tens of times job ability that shakes at the hand type measures equipment is relaxed and efficient. * has superior high speed performance, be based on particular high speed displacement to pass feeling technology, its ± 2um measures the speed below precision to be able to amount to 500mm/min, its work efficiency is tool microscope or the number that measure the hand such as measuring projector to shake type measures an instrument decuple above. Displacement drive is 0.

1um, displacement resolution is 0.

4um, coincide precision amounts to ± 2um, linear precision ± (3+L/150) Um, these parameter all excel tradition equipment and congener product. * has capacity of dimensional geometry operation, can use software technology to finish dimensional coordinate the department rotates and much coordinate is the complex conversion between, the workpiece that be measured can be placed at will, build coordinate origin and standard way to get measured value at will, present a number on screen at the same time, see coordinate direction and measurement point intuitionisticly, make most common fiducial measure become very handy and intuitionistic, also make index plate the child of this mechanical times and shake the handle makes the history together. * has the software platform that supports individuation, have image to save, the picture film such as editor, processing governs a function. Brand-new mapping is operated, can be depicted easily or guide CAD graph. Still can measure module according to client demand augment, satisfy personalized characteristic and the frequent need that measure integratedly thereby, make measure equipment to have the software spirit that the quantity has something made to order personally. CNC Milling