The stage amounts to the C200 transducer application in special machine tool

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Keyword: C200 transducer; High speed main shaft; High frequency brief introduction: The application that the article basically introduces a stage to amount to C200 transducer to go up in electric machinery of main shaft of high speed of drive of special machine tool. The stage amounts to C200 series transducer is the general transducer that includes function of high frequency output, rich function and good drive adaptability make it shows scene in a variety of application circumstances; Electric machinery of high speed main shaft can realize high speed to run, besides depend on the high speed character with electric machinery outstanding itself, still need to have can the driver of high frequency output that its stability runs drive. Function of high frequency output applies transducer of C200 of article general introduction in the system of main shaft drive that place of some special machine tool deploys, highest output frequency achieves transducer 3333.

3Hz, implementation 4 extremely highest turn up goes to main shaft electric machinery 100000 turn. Debug equipment to use Yu Mou the electric machinery of high speed main shaft of special machine tool, electric machinery is Taiwan main shaft of some brand high speed, should number of electric machinery pole is 4 extremely, power 0.

65kW, rated voltage 180V, rated frequency 3333.

3Hz, electric machinery is rated voltaic 4A, the user asks to be to what transducer debugs: Below the premise that speed open loop starts smoothly, electric machinery turn up arrives 100000 turn rated rotate speed runs smoothly. Mode of control of VF of C200 high frequency version is in this circumstance is most applicable. Main shaft of report of drive of C200 high frequency version will introduce below debug a process. Graph 1 transducer advocate loop layout plan debugs measure: Before transducer electrify, examination layout is correct, ground connection wiring is reliable. 00-02=9 restores to give factory setting (base frequency 50Hz) , examination machine is planted code 00-00 whether as basic as type conform to parameter installs VF to control mode is itself of according to electric machinery applicable VF curve undertakes to transducer parameter is installed, achieve transducer finally to output voltage frequency curve to accord with the VF character of electric machinery. 01-00=3333.

Frequency of 3 highest operations 3333.

3Hz (need to decide current transducer is high frequency version before the setting) 01-01=3333.

Rated frequency of 3 electric machinery 3333.

3Hz 01-02=180 electric machinery is rated voltage 180V (acquiesce of parameter of voltage of because driver is acquiescent rated output is 220V, before running so, must affirm already electric machinery of instead of will rated voltage is rated voltage 180V, have the risk that mars electric machinery otherwise) when belt of main shaft of high speed report holds the job, general need has made torsion limitation or voltaic limitation, in order to ensure main shaft won't pass because of passing torsion or electricity big and attaint, need to set protective parameter before the machine runs commonly so: 06-06=4 has appeared after torsion OT1 calls the police, stop locomotive 06-07=50 to cross torsion alarm current consumption to allow a 06-08=1 to cross torsion time to allow a 1s 06-12=70 transducer to output the biggest electric current to restrict 01-12=10 01-13=10 to add slowdown time to all be 10s parameter setting to finish immediately. Examine the weaveform when movement with monitoring software: The plan outputs the place in the graph on weaveform of voltage of frequency, DCBUS the 2 transducer frequency commands when adding decelerate, actually to show for electric machinery from 100000 avert only then, undertake decelerate quickens the weaveform when movement for many times, visible, adding slowdown time to fall for the case of 10s, because the electric machinery when decelerate picks up,energy causes voltage of transducer dc generatrix to rise, spark transducer overvoltage stall prevents a function, dc generatrix voltage achieves stall to prevent to allow when, output frequency stops to reduce, when voltage returns to normal, output frequency just continues to be close to give frequency, the stall that shows transducer protects a function to be able to control transducer output effectively, prevent stall, the safety that assured equipment runs normally. The high frequency version that the stage amounts to C200 transducer supports 3333.

3Hz high frequency output, the representative application of main shaft of report of drive high speed, can satisfy machine tool, machining center completely to ask to the speed of main shaft system, widened C series transducer is in further the applied limits of machine tool industry. Author brief introduction: He Haixing, male, was born in October 1982, be graduated from university of Beijing information science and technology, automation major. Show inaugural Yu Zhongda report connects development of Inc. transducer product to be in, the technology that pursues transducer product works, have the industry experience of product of 7 years of transducer. CNC Milling