N10G50100Z1"> N10G50100Z1" />

The numerical control lathe of small handle is machined

  • Time:
  • Click:1148
Normal >N10 G50100Z100; (nod to the knife, also be the dot that change a knife) Normal >N20 T0101M03S600F0.

2M08; (F0.

2 it is every turn feed) Normal >N30 G0032Z2; Normal >N40 G01Z0; Normal >N50 X-1; Normal >N60 G0032Z2; Normal >N70 G73U7R5; Normal >N80 G73P90Q150U0.


2; Normal >N90 G01X0F0.

2; Normal >N100 Z0; Normal >N110 G03X22.



48; (12.

The 48 public errand that assure SR25 are worth) Normal >N120 G02X20.


001R30; Normal >N130 G02X25Z-46.

245R8; Normal >N140 G03X27.


368R4; (27.

983 make sure the public errand of 28 is worth Φ ) Normal >N150 G01Z-60; Normal >N160 G04X120; (time-out, restoration, measure, set rub bad news compensation) Normal >N170 M03S1000; (move cursor to M03 lower part, press starting button, the circle outside finish machining) Normal >N180 G00100Z100; Normal >N190 T0202; Normal >N200 G70P90Q150; Normal >N210 G00100Z100; Normal >N220 S500T0303; (cut off) Normal >N230 G0032Z- (57.

975+ grooving knife is wide) ; (57.

The 975 public errand that assure 58 length are worth) Normal >N240 G01X-1F0.

05; Normal >N250 G0032; Normal >N260 G00100Z100; Normal >N270 M05M09; Normal >N280 M30; Normal >% CNC Milling