Apply PLM to realize company product research and development cooperate with and innovate

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One, foreword in last few years Euramerican the country such as the GDP that waits for a country and China of outclass of product profit margin. The person that knows macroscopical economy knows: Produce such gap, because,main reason is Euramerican wait for a country to use " product consummate, design the first " the product is politic, this kind " the product is consummate " the inevitable trend that strategy of research and development is competition. And PLM (Product Lifecycle Management, product lifecycle manages) platform and technology are supportive product the core technology of rapid research and development, PDM (Product Data Management, product data manages) it is the foundation that PLM carries out. PDM from last centuries 80 time were born to now to experience management of data of a CAD, product configuration management and the course that to all products relevant data runs, most PDM system can manage the product data of the enterprise and flow of product research and development, realized branch of research and development to be in right time, accurate information, transfer right person. Product management is in experienced EDM (Electric Data Management, electronic data manages) , PDM after two phase, last centuries people is making 90 time the idea that industry first time advanced product complete lifecycle to manage PLM, the angle that manages from the complete lifecycle of the product for the first time goes the underlying law of cognitive product research and development and product data are inside product lifetime the value of each phase, the lifecycle that research a product for the first time from the angle of comprehensive solution optimizes the implementation of management and its software. The ultimate goal of PLM builds an all sorts of data in managing product lifecycle, process and application namely cooperate with platform, common ground is told even if let products plan, craft, tool, purchase, production, quality, after service, client waits to fall to have correct operation to only data source in identical user interface, tool of of all kinds government is used same kind of language, mutual news report, work in coordination, raise an enterprise to manufacture efficiency and product innovation efficiency thereby. 2, the connotation PLM of PLM is to show all design of pair of products plan, technology, production, data that use the generation in safeguarding reclaiming whole product lifecycle and process undertake administrative, PLM will make production enterprise conformity and the effective tool that improve product lifecycle to manage flow and instrument. Although traditional PDM product has the function of effectiveness management more or less, can assure ERP and the accuracy that produce place to require data on certain level, but the production data that a PDM can dog effectively and never manages a product, quality data, after service data; Changing management and the support that product remodel designs to go up, also realized a design to data provides and configure management merely, in doing not have a product problem feedback, client to suggest to wait for more valuable demand to bring into systematic government and solution, come from this kind of meaning say, PDM realized the design of open loop to change technological process merely, this and in those days the manufacturing operation that MRP can have open loop only plans to manage how likeness. PLM is the product lifecycle arrives from the market, research and development, experiment, put into production, sale the whole process after carry out realizes active management. Sound it seems that very simple, it is a very complex process actually. Now, of product lifecycle every or certain course undertakes basically administrative with relevant software. Apply above all order goods management and CRM (Custome Relationship Management, client relation manages) the demand information that gets the market and user, software of CAD of the application in be being designed again undertakes software of CAE of products plan, application undertakes software of PDM of of all kinds analysis, application manages design data, CAPP and CAM software use in technology design, aborning application ERP (Enteprice Resource Planning, company natural resources plans) software, the SCM of the application in purchasing in raw material and finished product (supply catenary government) software, these all without exception are around the product generate a process to be assisted in application software complete corresponding work. Different company, the different level of product research and development, the requirement to software is endless also and identical. Must use PLM to build unified cooperate withing accordingly platform, integrated process and application. PLM builds product data frame with flexible object-oriented system, cooperate with with flow management the system such as the co-worker of Internet environment, enterprise and ERP and CRM, chime is the same as the strategy of evolution of lifecycle control product with business object. Only such, PLM system ability supports the conception in the value catenary in whole lifecycle completely, evaluate, development, management and supportive company business. Saying like place of a CIO " had PLM system, ERP, CRM and the thing that SCM system just had them to need all the time eventually -- reliable, OK and general visit arrives, the the newest, most accurate, most complete product news source. " the core of PLM is unified data source, implementation research and development, production, supply, of the business such as storage, sale, carry out hind and finance affairs without seam compositive. Accordingly, PLM main goal is the product data platform that conformity is core with PDM and the yield that are core with ERP resource of supply and marketing manages platform, reduce intermediate segment, the product that makes develop more the demand that accords with the market. Pass conformity, shorten on one hand the product arrives from research and development the cycle of put into production; Can get the pertinent information that other branch provides in time from inside the system on the other hand, provide a basis for product research and development and improvement. 3, of research and development of product of executive PLM implementation in coordination PLM enclothed the product lifecycle that is born to die out from the product of whole process, open, the one a complete set of that each other operates uses program, the system of of all kinds software that it is system of company product research and development (wait for tool software like CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE) compositive application platform. PLM should produce power truly, must establish the administrative measure of form a complete set, combine those who devise a method to optimize, begin chemical industry of standardization, seriation, module to make, process of normative product research and development. PLM broke limitative products plan, product to make, the technical fetters and handcuffs that undertakes communication between sale, user, have club through Internet, PLM can make the enterprise is on the design innovation of the product advance rapidly, can shorten at the same time development cycle, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce product cost. We can assume a such part: Plane stylist people the design that just completes new part on computer, and apply what PLM offers cooperate with platform finished a design to coordinate, formed the electronic prototype of a plane, the client saw prototype instantly and feedbacked opinion, slashing requirement must be in 10 to work in a few days to finish change (-- want to know, the time that this needed at least two months in the past) , the stylist that is located in different ground people work in coordination on PLM platform, shifted to an earlier date 3 days to finish the job. A few years ago, this still is the setting of type of an incredible story it seems that. And now, applied PLM becomes a possibility. As the development of the times, the manufacturing mode of a lot of manufacturing industry enterprises is progressively to much breed, small lot, custom-built the manner change that turns production. The market asks periodicly to put into production from research and development to the product more and more severe, the client's individuation asks to emerge in endlessly, industry need satisfies a client inside the shortest time more demand, accordingly, must have cooperate with efficiently platform. In the meantime, be in same a platform job, once sale order is affirmatory, the technical position that departmental door determines according to order begins the work, after departmental door job is finished, the of all kinds data that is used at directing production inside the system also was generated, not any serious go back to work is made and await. Additional, carry this kind of kind, departmental door is OK very convenient what want information from the extraction in the system, the purchases information, client habit of the information be choosinged that for instance branch of research and development can collect the history to sell information, product to configure, component and demand. After branch of research and development passes an analysis, will coach of the research and development of new product and old product perfect. The Nuo door framework with basis PLM classical industry (Norman ' S Structure) , activity of research and development is the fountainhead of all activities, and PLM system is to cooperate with the core framework of enterprise key business. Whole industry is contacted by CRM system and client in front, change in back end electron purchase a system or supply chain management system (SCM) communicate with the supplier; Of activity of research and development yield,- - the data of new product can pass system of lower end MRP to enter manufacturing order; Company sales income, cost, accrual contribution, the financial number of system of meeting by ERP reacts administrative estate is informed. The integrated system that foreign enterprise borrows this kind of framework just about and gives priority to through PLM system realized product complete lifecycle run in coordination. Specific for, the management of product data complete lifecycle below PLM environment runs main component to be 4 following respects in coordination: ● product sale and after service: PLM saved the process information that all information that the product defines and product form, the input in selling a process / output all basis PLM. ● design: Stylist obtains order technology agreement from inside PLM directly, before information and the knowledge such as mine field of the solution of the problem feedback of the product, similar product, design, use CAD/CAM/CAE next software and all compensatory sex software that cooperate to use with these systems, be together with the means that cooperate with product of research and development. ● produces and purchase: Product technology condition and quality data manage in producing view, the product is safeguarded to leave factory in client view data, client service data; And these are ERP system and before PDM solution cannot be solved successfully optimize the business with major effect to business management whole again. ● client: The client maintains data through Internet visit product, refer a question feedback, undertake self-help type serves, all all these, can give an user accurate service data, win first-hand client demand, below one round of research and development of product of guidance of in order to. Those who need a specification is PLM system the method that implements afore-mentioned frameworks is not blindly store in oneself database these data, the method that uses join, conformity however be in dispersedly the data confluence of different system is complete, real time business data. What afore-mentioned mode implement PLM system and ERP system and SCM system is use to cooperate with in an enterprise, use cut methodological key to depend on, united a design by PLM above all, make, purchase the stock data that waits for link; Take the lead by standardization branch next, purchase department assistance determines the stock position inside proper time jointly, to at present sexual price ratio or the stock setting that do not purchase are used to ban, sexual price is set than stock of general or low cost to can be used, valence is declinable price of rapid, sex is set than the stock with tall or serious keep long in stock choose for actor; Stylist can select the stock of centralized management only when design or be changed; PLM integrated ERP, the information that provides PLM system storage not only gives stylist, the inventory that returns an ERP current stock, stylist is offerred in PLM interface in the data conformity such as goods. Cooperate with through this kind of PLM ERP and purchase the method that supplies chain, make the content of the enterprise flows to get controlling from fountainhead. The framework key of software of informatization of PLM integrated company depends on cooperating with, the conformity in depending on running a course in product lifecycle each systems, the product information that manufacturer and client swim up and down in borrowing this to supply chain and each other of interconnection of production core flow are connected, save development and the cost that production product requires and time then, and as far as possible stimulate product innovation. PLM is the powerful weapon that the industry enhances core competition ability the globalization development as domestic and international manufacturing industry and competitive environment aggravate, a lot of manufacturing industry industries already increased design efficiency and capacity of innovation of research and development via realizing, shorten the design is periodic, reduce design cost, roll out new product quickly, rapid and occupational market has become an enterprise to manage developing main bottleneck, and the motive power that the IT such as PLM has become product of manufacturing industry company to innovate. Successful ERP project can help an enterprise reduce production and sale cost. Want to increase the innovation capacity of the enterprise, the product innovation that strengthens a business, process innovates, PLM solution is one of important ways. PLM technology appears in product value catenary every on the dot, what coupling nods between the executive way that changed value activity and activity is substaintial. It also affected value catenary range at the same time, offer the way that accords with client demand product afresh. Executive PLM core is the conformity of flow of whole to the enterprise business, in integrated process, need is done to having the job to divide the work relatively major key is whole. Enterprise how look upon and processing change this kind will affect PLM to whether can be carried out successfully directly, be in especially research and development and when producing conformity of supply and marketing; Because to enterprise of a manufacturing industry, research and development and producing supply and marketing often is the domain with two photographs more independent contrast, characteristic each are not identical, mutual between the ligament of only is a product, this is the most difficult in whole PLM integrated link. And should realize whole product lifecycle cooperate with and increase reaction capacity, this part is the most crucial. The analysis that comes from Aberdeen company shows, after the enterprise carries out PLM in the round, can save the direct cost of material of 5%~10% , raise 20%~40% of stock turnover rate, reduce development cost 10%~20% , enter market time to accelerate 15%~50% , reduce the charge 15%~20% that is used at quality to assure a respect, reduce production cost 10% , raise productivity 25%~60% . 4, Xi Fei comes up from technical angle in the practice on PLM say, PLM is one kind is opposite all data related to the product, in the technology that its have administrative inside whole lifecycle. Since PLM and the management of all data related to the product are concerned, so inevitable as inseparable as PDM, the source that having profundity concerns, can say PLM contained the entire content of PDM completely, PDM function is a subclass in PLM. But the concept that PLM emphasized undertaking manage and be usinged to all information that supply chain spanning inside product lifecycle again, this is having substaintial distinction with PDM again. Because the origin of PLM and PDM concerns, actually the business of each executive PLM begins from executive PDM first. Xi Fei company began those who be based on the PDM of PLM thought to carry out from 2002, made labor to the demand of PDM according to the long-term development of the company above all, the development production job that combines plane model at the same time is right model data and data management pattern made many analysis consider, the administrative pattern that decided with the product the structure gives priority to group to knit the data such as products plan, craft, tool. Undertook comprehensive survey and analysis to the PDM system of domestic and international popularity at the same time, mature the requirement that runs to product lifecycle, decided on the LCA system that has PLM idea the carry outing that undertakes Xi Fei PDM uses the job 2003. So far, it is compositive frame with LCA system, build and platform of source control of data of single in plane product lifecycle applied in model development product and system, built a plane to develop applied platform and the technical environment that support collateral project in coordination, came true to be based on maturity to support design, craft, tool, make between cooperate with and run paralell, undertake administrative to the 3D model of component from logic not only, and to the space of component the relation undertakes administrative, make the digitlization description of the product can correct, simple, complete the ground has trade between LCA and CATIA. The data administration that achieved product and tool design, compose management, product develops the management of flow to wait, realized product data source to occupy a source from majority to onefold data source change. The effectiveness with each unified type manages, realized much model, much series, sheet (batch) the product compose of sortie, much view management, satisfied a plane " technical condition manages " and " compose management " requirement, the statistic of after the event that makes technical condition runs ground convention manages the change that manages to the process. Especially mechanism of safety of data visit pilot, backup mechanism, any traditional methods cannot replace this, assured product data this one company is giant the security of fortune. The it is certain to although was obtained,be carried out result of Xi Fei PDM, but technical development is infinite, the management of product lifecycle data that should set out to perfect Xi Fei ceaselessly from PLM thought still has a paragraph of very long way to want, still need us to give arduous work, xi Fei will be in stage of peace of data management system issues a complete product lifecycle, according to the thought of PLM-BOM data of the product that finish is being designed, make, the management in after service process, enhance ability of product innovation research and development thereby, enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise. 5, the development that the last word uses as the enterprise, the is in an enterprise many sections that contain in PLM concept and undertake cooperating with will becoming reality gradually in different ground, product information is being supplied the partner shares catenary mediumly to also can come true gradually. In the meantime, in whole PLM domain, CAE, DMU (fictitious number prototype) , the heat that the technology such as PPR-Hub is making research application gradually, these technologies can help an enterprise be passed in phase of product research and development fictitious emulate with the trial-produce cost that optimize and reduces a product, shorten further the product appears on the market periodic. Accordingly, the PLM application in manufacturing industry in the ascendant, perspective is wide. CNC Milling