Regard a kind of archetypal production technology as CNC Machining

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Designcraft company owns a lot of machining center, its amount exceeds his to add type to produce equipment greatly. To a lot of people, add type manufactures a technology, it is the pronoun that fast prototype makes a technology actually. For example 3D Printing, be add type production among them a kind, it can use CAD data, pass layer upon layer the pattern that establish, ground of without striking a blowing generates a detail to be mixed clearly the physical model with specific figure, this appears the means that can provide ideal to acquire an archetypal part (graph 1) . The graph can see this company invest in what what pay in CNC Machining technology in the 1 workshop picture from Designcraft company. Almost all process designing works are completed inside the workshop, the working case that can see CAM stands from here in fact, president Mr Larry Happ of Designcraft company has mixed 3D Printing technology stereo quarter imprint the crucial job that the technology is regarded is a company (graph 2) . Designcraft company is one is located in Yilinuosi the enterprise of lake of world of city Su Li, they are engaged in the development work of new product wholeheartedly, to this company, of technology of these two kinds of additional production among them one of, it is each new job to offer new starting point namely actually. Graph the equipment of add type machinery of 2 this companies can pass stereo photoetching and 3D Printing technology to generate 3D spare parts not to pass, this company has two add type to produce equipment only, among them one provides manufacturing service jointly for these two kinds of craft. Those who form bright contrast is, this company owns 9 vertical machining center however. In any jobs that surmount archetypal production technology, generally speaking, CNC Machining technology can be regarded to be the most effective prototype that provides to achieve next goals makes a technology. That is to say, not only should offer appropriate with the part with good quality, and the functional sex that makes sure its use a product finally even. Designcraft company is passed machine processing technique, drove archetypal production technology to develop ahead further. Subtration type is add the sort of identical on the function prototype makes the technology have an outlook very much, even but outspread arrive to will need finally to use a pattern the spare parts that production of tool of this kind of high cost shapes. The machining center of Designcraft company (offer by Creative Evolution company) , its machine speed, stability and precision, allow to undertake be mixinged quickly be machininged accurately to thin wall spare parts, include milling treatment to come out among them " stamping workpiece " , its purpose is for gold of duplicate treatment Ban kind stamping workpiece (graph 3) . Graph actually punch does not shape this kinds of 3 stamping workpiece. Contrary, the milling that passes CNC Machining center on hypostatic material is machined and these 10 are made. The ply of this spare parts is only 0.

012in, dan Jihou is spent distributing even, the Ban gold stamping workpiece that shapes with final production almost is same. A long time ago, below the circumstance that does not have any special punch moulds, use milling method to machine thin wall spare parts, make this job shops capable that production gives Nextpage of functional sex component in fact, CNC Machining technology remains those who produce part of most 3D function the most accurate treatment craft. In facilities of production of two when be in this company add type, the 3D Printing function that provides by Objet company makes the part with complex details quickly quite (graph 4) , and the stereo photoetching machine that comes from 3D Systems company, the condition can be produced to fall in full load, make its produce manufacturing spare parts character to be close to the character at plastic spare parts. complex to requirement of a detail part, if its material character regards a main factor as the consideration, perhaps can use stereo photoetching technology so, but this spare parts needs possibly also to machine. For example, this company often uses machining center to engrave imprint the number of spare parts serial that stereo photoetching technology produces. Graph 4 make clear from this photograph that prints inside 3D Printing machine, the characteristic element of the complex details material that this kind of craft can make all sorts of spare partses and part is the another big inducement of production prototype of technology of use CNC Machining actually. This are very apparent, but go up in these machine tools, of material choosing limits is infinite actually. Anyhow, the data that its process needs to have enough tenacity. Accordingly, CNC Machining center can produce the functional prototype that treatment produces by metallic stuff not only, and the function that still can manufacture treatment to be made by plastic, lumber or synthetic material is archetypal. Of technology of integrated CNC Machining all these advantages, OK and clear why Designcraft company can machine the fund with the so huge investment on the method in this, although method of this one treatment encountered a lot of obstacles. Develop to direction of type of production to a company related to the design, these obstacles, from need to right talented person will to them issue a challenge substantially. For example, machining center needs to undertake process designing. Every exercise also must be familiar with the person that machines knowledge to establish and manage by some. To workshops of any machine treatment production, resource of this kind of manpower is very important, but the essential part that they are not archetypal production companies certainly. The company must choose to breed these talent resource. Talent education is the work that Designcraft company place does. The employee that is engaged in machine treatment people often plant in this namely grow in the environment rise. Now, designcraft company has had a skilled stuff at least. Mr Happ says, below most circumstance, fall so that assume a post to use from condition of this one setting, can not explain this company had scored a success actually. This company makes the part with examine without practice and be defined ambiguous in small lot working respect, be different from a kind to had designed the spare parts production that finalize the design greatly, because repeat production latterly,craft had gotten be optimizinged further. Accordingly, mr Happ says, designcraft company's relatively successful employee often is those recruiting personnel that had mastered treatment hang, but not be to rely on comprehensive manufacturing experience to form absolutely. Nevertheless, a key that makes a person gratified is, this company is close to increasingly to manufacturing work. He says, the client of Designcraft company is increasing, the production that these clients hope they can be engaged in short-term sex more makes professional work. Graph 5 be in Designcraft company, with the work that add type patternmaking begins, often make from CNC Machining. Accordingly, the development process of the product can include prototype, they have actual appearance not only, and still have functional sex he thinks, the partial reason of economic depression can undertake explanatory through fact of this be related at least. The enterprise is trying to adopt the way that explores its minority range of products, offset their benefit loss from inside their main range of products, is not the market product without exploration undertakes developing pair before. To these lesser markets, it needs to cost longer time to determine the real demand of this market, and whether reason satisfies this kind of requirement through production. Accordingly, requirement Designcraft company continues to produce production machine to machine a spare parts, raise their requirement in this respect by the client at the same time. Accordingly, also provided this one additional benefit as archetypal production technology with CNC Machining technology: Place of company of Designcraft of no less than demonstrates in that way, use machine processing technique, can lengthen a product to develop level, in order to satisfy the client's need. In fact, the window that the product develops can be shut stage by stage, is not decisive shut, do not have as what machine the job and initial production seam join, need enters a market and build a kind of confidence. Also turn a function into the component when archetypal spare parts when, manufacturer can await, after doing comprehensive preparation to work for this to its all the time, can throw production in the round. CNC Milling