Reduce cost with advanced managing

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Limited company of Dongguan city Luo Kesi machinery (LowerCost) is located in on Dongguan Chang'an town sanded industrial district, it is a young treatment company, general manager Mr Liu Youzhi is paid attention to manage and groom, with seed profit production and idea of 6 Sigma government, all lead firm work are carried out strictly by the program, innovate ceaselessly on the technology, put an end to waste. Period Xu Zaixiang falls with cost, do one's best is in the person of the same trade quality is best, when same quality, do one's best is in the person of the same trade cost lowest, return benefit finally to give a client, form benign loop. The treatment that Luo Kesi company basically is engaged in producing auxiliary unit and automation equipment accurate and mechanical spare parts, industrial product part, automatically to wait, dedicated at automation equipment and special industry equipment fragile nice spare parts is machined, if the high-pressured spare parts of hydraulic pressure industry is machined. In the producer face of equipment of the automation that be not mark, can produce two one year probably now, but the adroitness as company staff technology, and the machine tool of Ha Si numerical control that purchased the United States to install an entrance formerly, the company completed installation change, liu Zong already laid the target to produce per year 300. General manager Mr Liu Youzhi ever had held the position of management of project of electric machinery of prosperous of Hong Kong heart, United States how to expend the work that project of Nuo connector products plan and company of international telephoned telegram supervises, obtain letter of American profession handler. The high-ranking management such as seed profit production and 6 Sigma management is studied, contact in that paragraph of time, resemble 6 Sigma management, raising customer satisfaction rate namely while, reduce management cost and periodic innovatory method, organize the riding quality of core process through rising, promote the management of company profit ability fashion then, also be the enterprise obtains competition ability and the management that expand capacity continuously politic. Liu Zong general these advanced government ideas, use in Luokesi's management. To a project or a kind of product, from design, production, flow the canal accuses and hand in period, qualitative check, establish a corresponding standard with strong working experience, to ensure the product can be successful shipment, take every link seriously accuse, accomplish every detail; Namely this kind of meticulous government measure, after letting him machine a career in what begin his, did not fumble too much, with respect to can successful operation. Graph VF-2SS of 1 machining center of high speed of Ha Sili type is in the job, liu Zong is adopted " potential failure mode is analysed " method, when receiving treatment blueprint, the difficulty that is aimed at treatment with the engineer first undertakes analyse and tackling key problem, go up when necessary trial-produce of machine tool imitate, encounter a problem to stop again analytic reason, seek a breakthrough. Because these difficulty often are the key that machines failure, overcome when difficulty so hind, want to accomplish attention detail only, pledge strictly check, what can assure shipment is smooth, avoid undesirable tasted occurrence. Liu Zong expresses, through a few years adjust, a few core cadres are familiar with such working way already, make working habit, had needed to be aimed at every order blueprint to undertake an analysis no longer, and machine mortality also approach Yu Ling. Accordingly, although be during financial crisis, a lot of metallic treatment a person of same business appear management difficulty, but the Luo Kesi machinery that just does poineering work more than one year at that time is completely insusceptible however, still have stable order, even outstanding achievement is more not bad than in the past, these and Luokesi's precise always work manner and method are having inseparable concern. Liuzong lifted an example to show Luokesi's ability, the company that once had a Beijing needs the common screw with qualitative material of a pure tungsten, but 7, come down 8 years the fine that the supplier offers is tasted rate is very low, ground of coincidence of this company lucky chance finds Luokesi, liu Zonggen occupies the blueprint that the other side provides and treatment requirement, after be being proved through relapsing, discover pure tungsten material difficult treatment, because,be it although hardness is not tall, but because the element is round thicker, physical character is particularly fragile, when machining whorl so burst apart easily. How should change the feature with pure tungsten tall brittleness? The took high temperature treatment kind with Luo Kesi's final and bold group, heat material to undertake machining at the same time to the high temperature of 200 ℃ with blowtorch at the same time. Use special cutting tool in the light of this material at the same time, and the program of whorl cutting also differs with average data thread machining, use bilateral and statified cutting accumulates bits with reducing cutting force to decrease. The result discarded as useless only 3, the 4th succeeded, and quality relatively what use before the client " fine is tasted " taller. When giving a client the pure tungsten screw that has machined when Liu Zong, click of the tongue of the other side says to surprise, to Luokesi this young metal machines the actual strength of the group, offerred highest affirmation. Try treatment screw of this wolfram steel, gave Luokesi very big drive. After receiving formal order, luo Kesi tastes fine rate control to be in all the time 98% above, far the fine of former supplier of tower above client is tasted rate. Graph the machine tools of 2 Ha Si numerical control that Luokesi purchased the United States to install an entrance formerly, with completing installation change Liu Zong expresses, receive a treatment when Luokesi now when blueprint, what can know stuff above all is characteristic, ability can decide the way of treatment, some material are returned must preexistence surface makes treatment, make the surface smooth, in order to reduce the state that stress centers; Besides craft, the cutting tool that machines different material to use is not identical also, the angle of feed more want reasonable, ability makes treatment smooth, such cutting tool also can acquire longer service life. Liu Zong says, experience be not a patch on of Luokesi is very actually much the treatment company of old name, but Luo Kesi became much the spirit of a minute of research, analysis, because this experience is accumulated quickly, and once complete a project tackle key problem, the ability of all employee gets promotion, whole company is benefited. Liu Zong is mentioned, luo Kesi is in clip, treat, automation equipment establishs timing basic concept, that is " simple " , do one's best with the simplest method, manage complex function, can make finished product more delicate not only so, more economic also cost, efficient requirement also can be achieved when production. Liu Zong is treated in production while, still can be aimed at treat provided character, try to optimize according to oneself acknowledge, like him the SMT of side PCBA manufacturer that make is reached presswork treat when providing, use at that time with respect to discovery " thimble " very no-go, change every time when producing the 2nd of different type PCBA, because of PCBA every discretion of position of yuan of parts of an apparatus on one side differs and distributing close together, must undertake debugging repeatedly so, so affirmatory very all thimble often needs to spend on a few hours, consequently Liu Zong invented " complaisant thimble " , can go up according to PCBA this treats self-correcting of yuan of height of parts of an apparatus the height that provides corresponding thimble, once the position is firm hind the position that presses switch lock decides every thimble, treat fixed in that position, need a few seconds to be able to change a line to produce the PCBA of different type only, should design at present already patent application. To new the VF-2SS of machining center of high speed of Ha Sili type that purchase and boring mill machining center DT-1, liuzong recognition has add, think the high speed of Ha Si machine tool, precision is mixed efficient, according with Luokesidigaosheng to produce efficiency, reduce the company core concept that produces cost, especially Ha Si sets HFO in Shenzhen, stock grooms the spare parts library with classroom, adequate measure, maintain an engineer on cally at any time, support the client's production adequately to need, and speed of maintenance service feedback is very seasonable, it is very important to the manufacturer safeguard, can let Luokesi can be protected so qualitative, protect quantity, seasonable delivery to give a client. Liu Zong expresses, company name is the original intention of LOWERCOST, want to reduce cost for the client namely, enhance competition ability. Luo Kesi processes each mechanical spare parts and equipment unit all the time with treating the responsibility heart of ultimate consumer, emphasize seed profit administration, eliminate waste, reduce cost, return benefit client. CNC Milling