A technology, the property of be used to of 50% measures eradicative machine breakdown

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Machinery moves inertially and maintain quality breakdown, main cause comes from tripartite face. One, machine precision or assemble precision insufficient, 2, solder filling around, heat treatment quality is poor, thermal stress was not eliminated, 3, attrition abrasiveness can be low. Should from go up at all solve a problem, and do not need installation cost, reduce maintenance cost, rise to machinery is maintained and run efficiency. Current and optimal choice is promotion development mechanical nicety changes a technology. Below it is in order to run the lorry with abominable condition exemple, make one concrete analysis. 2004 annual 12 period " railroad traffic " on the magazine, delibrate lorry, inertial the article that move and maintains breakdown in all 17. Among them at least 80% involve bear the weight of saddle, bogie side frame, heart dish wait for great fittings rub damage is big, overhaul limits exceeds bid; Coupling is detached; Pan Song moves next hearts to be lost with bolt on; Alternate lever, axis of roller of bridge of apply the brake, the crackle such as pillar, become loose and concern an issue. Analyse breakdown reason, among them at least 80% generation at machine or assembling precision insufficient; repairs thermal stress in solder, shake next development crackle or damaged, attrition abrasiveness can be poor wait. The mechanical nicety that recommends here changes a technology, tell conservatively, also can eliminate among them the origin of 80% . 80% ╳ of 80% ╳ 80% ≒ 51.

2% . Nicety of machinery of that is to say changes a technology, can assure eradicative van the inertial quality breakdown of 50% above. What its affect railroad to carry safety and benefit efficiency is big, can saying is all-time. Citing is told, a van has 8 to bear the weight of saddle, every bear the weight of saddle has 9 working face, load is heavy, the structure is more complex, bedding face of the need when the overhaul accumulates solder to repair, treatment workload is big, precision demand is high. Although be opposite,have special and automatic welder, heat treatment equipment, for the factory of accurate modular machine tool, reach overhaul level, be being measured accurately even is not an easy thing. Car of prep let alone paragraph. Van is carried fast transform a project logy, this also is one of elements. Bear the weight of the abrasiveness of attrition of cast steel working face of saddle can be poor, go up especially of end face slant bad news exceeds be restricted, those who affect bogie is normal move, cause van trouble easily. Use mechanical nicety to change a technology to repair bear the weight of saddle, it is the working face that regards workpiece as one party with contemporary composite material above all, replacing both sides is the blemish of same metal working face. Raise attrition substantially thereby deputy attrition abrasiveness can. For example the DP series colophony that railway system design develops base composite material, determine in M2000 testing stand, when the test the condition presses 500N for the axis, rotate speed 400RPM, when dribble embellish, wear rate is 0.

005mm3/km is only general cling to alloy of family name wear-resisting - steel chafes deputy 1/7. Coefficient of friction is 0.

008 it is only cast-iron - steel chafes deputy 1/10. Next, mechanical nicety changes a technology is shape to be a foundation with contemporary felt craft with mould pressing, reduce traditional repairman order in great quantities, repair equipment. Not solder, need not machine tool finish machining, need not benchwork is set match, one pace reachs the designated position. Want will mushy colophony only base composite material, wipe place of blemish of clear washed workpiece, its fill and level up fills neat, make full use of the airframe that old workpiece offers, more or less does difference fill how many, fill over there difference over there. The special tool that puts besmear to have agent of drawing of patterns next (batch rehabilitate serves as crossing-over when) or corresponding workpiece (odd when assembling) in, undertake all-around, follow one's inclinations, delicate adjustment. Squeeze the more than makings that come out completely. Pass proper time below constant temperature next, coating solidify and workpiece matrix union finalize the design, repair finish entirely. As comparative as conventional technology, new technology was compressed greatly, the machine tool error that processes for many times, underline an error, adjust an error, measure an error, set compound an error, skilled degree error, the thought centers an error to wait a moment, for example, the combinative density between each working face and each workpiece, homocentric degree, parallelism, interchangeability, adjacent 100% . General craft can be likened to the Gao Yuanfei of precision. Simplify in great quantities as a result of craft at the same time, efficiency is growth of twice twice ground more, manufacturing cost is reduced subsequently. In addition, mechanical nicety changes a technology not to need to solder, high temperature works. Of course, exterminatory also a lot of trouble that bring from this. CNC Milling