Compound aluminium base the grease application in the equipment that connect casting

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Compound aluminium base grease is had high temperature resistant, fight extremely pressure, antirust corrode, fight water to drench, adhesiveness is strong wait for a characteristic, the rolling mill roller that basically applies to steely enterprise rolls bearing lubricates, also apply to mine, mechanical, traffic to carry wait for the bearing that is in the abominable operating mode such as high temperature, heavy load, moisture to fall to lubricate. The article will introduce compound aluminium in detail base the grease application in the equipment that connect casting. Join case of casting machine operating mode: 1, high temperature: The temperature that flies even casting plane the molten steel when irrigating is in 1550 ℃ above, the board base temperature that comes out through crystallization refrigeration is in about 1200-1300 ℃ , the exterior temperature that sends refrigeration 2 times to form board base through arc clevis is in 800 ℃ above, its radiate heat makes carry roller to two upright bearing temperature achieves 200 ℃ left and right sides, carry roller path bearing to bear long high temperature is roast. These high temperature are passed conduct, convection, radiate delivers quantity of heat the grease in bearing, the high temperature capability of grease is bad to will produce prediction of a person's luck in a given year, bearing to dry up invalidation, affect systematic movement thereby. 2, much dirt: Iron sheet of the dirt with the much generation in producing a course, oxidation, slag erode equipment, the appears possibly abrasive in causing equipment to move, aggravate of equipment attrition place wear away. The sealed function of grease can prevent dirt to enter bearing lubricant space, reduce abrasive to wear away. 3, much water: Billet is in in carrying a process, a large number of cooling water gush drench go up to billet, clip sends roller lubricant surface is reached inside path bearing, produce iron sheet of much steam, oxidation, they enter bearing and embellish sliding surface along with water, cause bearing attaint, card to bite, oil prediction of a person's luck in a given year. The waterproof properties of grease, can solve this problem effectively. 4, low speed burden: The manufacturing process of the machine that connect casting has below condition of low speed burden. Casting base is pulled fast it is commonly 0.

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