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The thermal spraying technology in reproducing project (below)

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Normal >2.

Coating of Zn-Al-Mg-RE of spray of electric arc of 3 high speed is able to bear or endure seawater corrodes research Normal > ship vessel is eroded as a result of what be reached offshore salt mist by seawater, board and ship system are corroded serious, need every year to besmear paint undertakes defending a few times; Naval ships every time small when repairing, change cankerous armor plate achieves 1/3, when be being repaired in changed board rate to exceed 1/2, the workload that increased maintenance already, reduced ship vessel to be led in boat, cause huge pecuniary loss again. Normal > seawater is right of metallic stuff the electrochemistry that corroding is a model is corroded, the chloric ion in seawater (Cl - ) very strong to the penetrable ability of oxidation passivation film, accordingly, ship vessel is corroded very easily in seawater. Normal > is those who enhance ship vessel is anti-corrosive abrasiveness can, we developed Al-Re of spray of high speed electric arc, Zn-Al to be able to bear or endure corrode coating, anti-corrosive the effect is very exceedingly good, exceed 13 % ~ when content of the Al in Zn-Al coating when 15 % , coating has the zincous protection with pure Zn effective to steely matrix coating already and not sensitive to spot corrosion and crackle characteristic, because coating is medium,contain enough Al again, can form complete Al2O3 diaphragm and anti-corrosive wear away. Zn-Al coating coating is replace Zn and Al coating extremely those who develop a future is able to bear or endure corrode metal coating. Normal > is able to bear or endure in Zn-Al on the foundation of corrode coating, we developed Zn-Al-Mg and Zn-Al-Mg-Re coating again. Because these two kinds of coating are had " close oneself " action, increased coating corrosion resistance further can. In coating in corrupting a process, the corrosion product that Zn can fashion indissolubility (ZnO or Zn4(OH)6CO3 · H2O) will close the hole in coating, namely " close oneself " the effect. Mg accelerated the hole in coating " close oneself " process, raised coating thereby be able to bear or endure corrode sex. Joining 0.

7 % - 1.

After 4 % Mg, zn-Al-Mg alloy coating is in saline mist is able to bear or endure below corrosion environment corrode sex raised 4 times than Zn-Al coating. Normal > uses magic art of electrochemistry impedance music to study token Zn-Al-Mg-Re coating " close oneself " the effect. Normal > pursues the 6 electrochemistry impedance chart that are Zn-Al-Mg-RE coating, immersing it is thus clear that initial stage presents the two semicircle appearance with approximate radius, and turn subsequently onefold semicircle appearance. Immerse the equivalent circuit graph of earlier correspondence sees a picture 7, as identical as Zn-Al and Zn-Al-Mg coating; But immerse the equivalent circuit of later period correspondence can use a figure 8 express. Pursue quite 7 with the graph 8 can see, immersing less than coming from had been received in the test of the electrochemistry impedance chart of later period coating / the information of matrix interface. Make clear immersing later period Cl - cannot arrive at interface of coating / matrix. As a result of the affiliation of rare-earth element, the corrosion product of Zn-Al-Mg-RE coating and Zn-Al-Mg coating are compared and do not have apparent difference, but rare-earth element can refine coating grain, make grain granuality even, lower coating hole rate, make coating organization compact, decreased to corrode a passageway then. Accordingly, after reaction has proper time, jam as a result of what passivation film reachs corrosion product, cl - the limitation that adopts coating surface very hard enters coating to arrive at coating / the interface of matrix, of coating " close oneself " the effect is more apparent, increased the stability of layer of coating corrosion product substantially, make Zn-Al-Mg-RE coating is shown thereby be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly corrode sex. Normal >2.

Coating of 12Co-WC of spray of plasma of 4 supersonic speed is able to bear or endure arenaceous bead abrasiveness can study Normal > plasma spray is as high as 18000 ℃ , can heat all sorts of spray material melt condition, consequently the difficult frit material such as pottery and porcelain of high melting point also can be used at plasma spray to use, get the gush coat of tall wearability thereby. Coating of 12Co-WC of spray of supersonic speed plasma basically is mixed by metallic Co photograph and horniness WC photograph composition of a few horniness W2C photograph, grain of tall hardness carbide can overcome the cut of arenaceous bead. Normal > uses key laboratory of science and technology of national defence of equipment reproducing technology to consider to develop in tank some wears away component surface preparation 12Co-WC coating. Graph 9(a) is the photograph of exterior form appearance of 12Co-WC coating. Can see, surface of coating of 12Co-WC of spray of plasma of tall usefulness supersonic speed is even, compact. Graph 9(b) is the sectional organization feature of coating. The analysis makes clear, coating organizes compact, hole rate is inferior (<1% ) , cannot see clear small opening and hole, and the union of coating and matrix is very close together, matrix surface blemish of a few cobbly by coating fill. This is helpful for increasing the combinative strength of coating, reduce crackle source, be helpful for raising the wearability of coating thereby. EDAX can chart analysis makes clear, area of the light color in graph 9(c) is photograph of horniness WC pottery and porcelain, brunet area is photograph of metallic Co felt. Graph 10 for coating XRD diffractive chart. The analysis makes clear as a result, spray layer is main reach a few W2C photographs to form by WC photograph, metallic Co photograph. The generation of W2C photograph is formed. The structure of this kind of organization of coating is helpful for grain of horniness pottery and porcelain bearing arenaceous bead of load and resistance is plowed cut action, to raising coating fight oil-lubricated arenaceous bead abrasiveness can be very advantageous. Graph the surface of coating of 12Co-WC of spray of plasma of 9 supersonic speed (A) , sectional (B) and sectional enlarge graph (C) solid car considers to make clear, coating of 12Co-WC of spray of supersonic speed plasma is in oil-lubricated arenaceous bead abrasiveness is able to bear or endure below the condition very can exceedingly good, no matter how arenaceous bead dimension changes, arenaceous bead content has in lube why to differ, its wearability all apparent excel is primitive matrix. Normal > pursues the 11 surfaces grinding mark that are coating of 12Co-WC of spray of supersonic speed plasma, visible coating surface was ground to give very subtle furrow by arenaceous bead only. Tribology theory thinks, when Hm of coating surface hardness and Ha of the hardness that wear bead than be more than 0.

8 when wear away for bead of use soft tactics; And be less than when Hm/Ha 0.

8 when, of material fight grind ability to drop quickly, wear away to wear bead forcedly. Below this experiment condition, of coating and the hardness that wear bead than approximating 0.

85, accordingly, coating and right rub between basically produce bead of use soft tactics to wear away, wear away in sample the surface appears only slight abrade trace, show good anti-wear properties can. Normal > supersonic speed because rate of spray grain flight is high, of WC grain decompose those who reach Co to burn caustic less, formed a type " horniness photograph + soft matrix " wear-resisting organization. The prominent WC horniness appearance in coating bears directly load, protective matrix does not suffer the effect that wears bead, attrition deputy basically produce contact and sliding friction with horniness photograph with arenaceous bead, get along with of because these are tall hard pottery and porcelain chafes deputy reach arenaceous bead to produce adhesion odds very small, so coating wears away very small. And the effect that photograph of soft matrix Co basically has look of the horniness that prop up, can improve coating tenacity, raise appearance of matrix of horniness get along with between stick receive strength, reduce coating to leave the possibility that flake in deputy concussion of arenaceous bead and attrition. When applying to load to carry on one's shoulder or back, bear in pressing the horniness photograph grain that force increases to be immersed in soft matrix, will make more horniness grain bear the weight of and achieve load to distributing equably. Normal >2.

Spray of plasma of tall usefulness supersonic speed returns the HEPJ that function of wear-resisting of coating of structure of rice of accept of Al2O3/TiO2 of spray of plasma of 5 supersonic speed studies to use key laboratory of science and technology of national defence of equipment reproducing technology to consider to develop preparation gave structure of Al2O3/TiO2 accept rice compound coating. Of accept rice thermal spraying and common thermal spraying feed makings (the data that is used at spray namely) be micron class, but the key distinguishs those who depend on accept rice thermal spraying to feed expecting is the micron rank that after reframing by grain of many accept rice, forms hello makings. Graph 12 feed for micron of makings reframe the principle sketch map of thermal spraying of the rice that reach pay. Accept rice grain cannot be used at thermal spraying directly, because its dimension and quality are too small,basically be, may fly in great quantities already when spray medicinal powder loss, incidental also agglomeration. Graph 13 showed accept rice Al2O3 and TiO2 grain reframe the process of the Al2O3/TiO2 compound grain that is micron class. Graph 13(a) , (the appearance of form of transmission report lens that B) is accept rice Al2O3 and TiO2 grain respectively, show they all have reunite phenomenon. Undertake to them supersonic and dispersive hind, use fluid photograph law of dispersive sparge synthesis undertakes reframing handling, the accept rice structure that got micron degree is fed makings, see graph 13(c) . The appearance of form of lens of coating of structure of Al2O3/TiO2 accept rice that after graph 13(d) is spray, gets and electorate electron are diffractive, this coating is main it is thus clear that brilliant of You Yawei rice and composition of structure of accept rice crystal. Normal > manufactures to use proper motion respectively (HEPJ) of the layer of spray of accept rice structure that imports preparation of equipment of spray of METCO -9MB plasma with the United States mechanical check a result with tribology function, visible by the coating function of HEPJ preparation apparent excel by the coating of METCO-9MB preparation. Normal Align=center> spray of plasma of METCO-9MB of United States of spray of plasma of tall usefulness supersonic speed is microscopical hardness (HV0.

05) 1166 713 combines strength (MPa) 29.

4 11.

4 opposite wearability 1.

12 1 Normal >normal TEXT-INDENT of 0cm">3 last word: 20pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Left; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

0; Mso-char-indent-size: 10pt; Mso-pagination: Project of Widow-orphan" Align=left> reproducing is the industrialization that hi-tech of useless old product maintains, "Product " can be equipment, system, establishment already, also can be its component; Include hardware already, also include software. Reproducing is it is research target with the half a lifetime after the product, the promotion, function that transforms useless old product, make abandon vitality of old product recovery. The main feature of reproducing is reproducing product measure and taste newly more than character, 50% what cost just tastes newly however, energy-saving 60% , section material 70% , the bad influence to the environment and make taste photograph comparing newly to be reduced significantly. Thermal spraying technology is one of crucial technologies propping up of reproducing project. Regard thermal spraying as newest delegate of the technology, technology of spray of high speed electric arc and technology of spray of supersonic speed plasma part with its limits of efficient and cheap, application is mixed extensively quality is superior, surpass strong process capability and be taken seriously extensively. Use preparation of technology of spray of high speed electric arc the Fe-Al that is used at conduit of boiler water-cooling wall and its are compound the compound between the metal of content is high temperature resistant erosive coating, board is prevented slip to be added with Al/Al2O3 rub steel structure of vessel of coating, ship is able to bear or endure seawater is corroded with Zn-Al-Mg-RE coating; Use preparation of technology of spray of supersonic speed plasma use at attrition deputy be able to bear or endure coating of caustic of fine sand milling and coating of wear-resisting of structure of Al2O3/TiO2 accept rice. The wear-resisting that these gush coating satisfied reproducing to equip well, be able to bear or endure the requirement such as corrode. CNC Milling