How to take out easily fold awl of fracture of wire?

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Electric spark takes awl of fracture of wire is a kind of means that uses pulse discharge, wait to all sorts of steel, iron and hard alloy, have the electric spark facility of efficient treatment. Tap of groovy before processing, broach break off the methodological no more than in the tool is manual slowly get rid of, smash, twist after gas welding piece: Acerbity even corrode, blaze cut is burned wait for a method, not only processing of a lot of moment is bad, although handle,be over. Also can injure workpiece. Accordingly, how the can relaxed, extraction that goes to the lavatory not to hurt work again goes out fold awl of fracture of wire, an invites poll to ache problem in becoming machining. Limited company of Beijing sublimate science and technology is by senior expert founds inside course of study, development of industry of dragon of stone of Beijing of company headquarters locate. Cover an area of a face to accumulate 20 mus, since the company held water 1995 oneself, the research and development that devotes oneself to report to process a product all the time works. Major is engaged in high-powered report machining product research and development, make and the high-tech industry that professional technology serves, for home lead electric treatment product, technology serves and machine provider of craft whole solution. Sublimate is acted on " sincere letter, outstanding, responsibility, resurgence " tenet from at the beginning of founding, hold to from beginning to end " with factitious this " administrative concept, implement rigid administrative system and quality guarantee system, devote oneself to the innovation of technology and management ceaselessly, ensure with high grade product and service redound client. The engine of electric spark tool that limited company of Beijing sublimate science and technology produces produces quality on the safe side for automation line batch. Power source uses pulse discharge principle. Implementation machines signal feedback, machining not steady state can be answered automatically retreat, assure to machine efficiency. Protective machine gives trouble less. Configuration is homebred and high grade be able to bear or endure high-pressured transformer, double switch power source, make sure equipment power supply is steady, servo driver cooperates to import a pace to assure to use the dependability of the product into electric machinery, of own research and development in accuse board and capacitance board makes sure the product increases efficiency the biggest change. Tall configuration is brought efficient, before can machine deep aperture and offerring carry out, demonstrate. Can choose match water pump of the buy inside Italian entrance, make treatment more convenient fast CNC Milling