Xi Menzi 802D transforms medium success application in the machine tool

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Xi Menzi 802D transforms medium success application summary in the machine tool: Told about SIEMENS 802D system to transform a medium success application in the machine tool, made specific specification to the specific application that debugs process and heavy difficulty. In the meantime, transform successfully alleviated effectively the manufacturing pressure of the enterprise, obtain better economic benefits. Keyword: SIEMENS 802D is transformed debugging machine tool of XK715B of general situation of the machine tool before be being transformed is the century on my factory 90 time are prime the vertical CNC Milling that from Shanghai factory of the 4th machine tool introduces. System of former numerical control of this machine tool configures the 8400MP that is American A-B company, drive of axis of X, Y, Z all is An Chuan actuating device, main shaft drive is An Chuan transducer. This machine tool regards me as one of factory key equipment, assuming main treatment task, move to compare stability all the time. But, in recent years, because equipment purchases early, use time to grow, electric equipment and control system are serious ageing, breakdown is frequent and ceaseless. On the other hand, the version of numerical control system and actuating device is quite low, manufacturer home almost already stop production, it is very difficult to purchase spare parts and the price is high. We also had made repair for many times to yuan of parts of an apparatus on board class, what produce the job as the enterprise is onerous, equipment fault rate is climbed successively litre, we undertook discuss carefully and be analyticed according to actual condition, the decision undertakes transforming to this machine tool. 2 transform program the comparison that system of 1 numerical control and drive course relapse, we selected system of SIEMENS 802D numerical control. This system has maintenance-free property, PCU of its core component (face plate control is unit) wait for interface of CNC, PLC, man-machine and communication the function compositive at an organic whole, reliability is high, install easily; SINUMERIK802D is controallable 4 feed axis and a main shaft of number or imitate; Through producing PROFIBUS of spot bus line to output driver, input module join rises; Electric machinery of modular servo of series of 1FK6 of form a complete set of actuating device SIMODRIVE611UE, provided the power of complete digitlization for the machine tool. In addition, this system can pass the debugging aids software that window converts, set drive parameter conveniently, undertake to the control parameter of driver trends is optimized. SINUMERIK802D is compositive also inside buy PLC system, have logistic control to the machine tool, the programming language Micro/WIN of the PLC that uses a level undertakes controlling logistic design, and offer PLC subprogram library of the standard and example program randomly, simplified to design a process, shortened the design is periodic. In transforming a process, actuating device is configured according to the standard of form a complete set of Xi Menzi system in order to achieve systematic performance optimal, assure the stability that after the machine tool is transformed, moves and dependability, and facilitate in the future maintenance. Electric machinery of original owner axis is synchronous electric machinery, electric machinery of common three-phase communication asynchronous changes main shaft electric machinery after transforming, use transducer to come electric machinery of drive main shaft. Classics of 2 mechanical parts is checked, the performance of each respect machinery of this machine tool is very whole, need not make bigger change or repair, because the X of the machine tool, Y, Z3 is linear,the axis will use the Xi Menzi of form a complete set to communicate servo electric machinery, according to real need, answer to join photogenic and harmonious reducer device will satisfy the coupling between electric machinery and filar lever afresh. In addition, automatic lubricant device and cooling device all in good condition, all reservation. 3 transform carry out reach main content 1 after transforming, if the graph shows 1 times,integral connective structure pursues: Had joined according to debugging the specification of manual each hardware establishment, microscope join answers to have inerrancy before debugging. The input that considers this machine tool / the quantity that exports bit of need is less, because this decides to use device of a PP72/48 merely already complete and enough, use the X111 of PP72/48, X222 at the signal join of MCP, and the I/O that X333 uses at the machine tool, this join method explains without case in manual, but the requirement measure that just orders by I/O in fact will decide, need not use two PP72/48 according to the standard. Because component of each electric equipment is already comprehensive,2 electric configuration reach the set of basic parameter ageing, and made to system and drive in transform alter completely, in the meantime, the in move stability after be being transformed for the machine tool lays good foundation, we undertake the type selecting of yuan of parts of an apparatus afresh according to the graph of electric control principle of new design, configure the establishment such as new electric equipment cabinet and operation ark along with all the others. NC debugs a process to basically include the set of systematic initialization and basic parameter, among them, basic parameter basically has the system: Control of fixed position of module of bus line configuration, driver, position makes can, speed of gear ratio, coordinate and acceleration, answer reference point to wait a moment. The design of 3 PLC program and debug use place of SIEMENS 802D system to use PLC very simple, convenient and agile. Use tool of PLC802 process designing only 3.

The version of 1 above just can use program of user of echelon picture authorized strength, we use S7-200 to regard process designing as the tool. In CD dish tool box (Tool Box) in deployed " PLC802 file library " , included subprogram library among them, and give standard lathe and milling machine configured process designing example respectively, accordingly, use rising is handy more. As a result of transformed machine tool for standard milling machine, example makes the process designing that wants pair of its milling machine only in using a process a few simple ground are revised and expand the PLC program that can complete a need. In the subprogram, had a definition respectively according to different function, basically include PLC-INI (systematic initialization) , EMG-STOP (stop processing urgently) , MCP-802D (the I/O condition of deferent Control Panel arrives interface) , AXES-CTL (each reference axis is controlled) , LUBRICAT (mensurable and time, lubricant control) , COOLING (cooling control) etc. The following problem should note in applied process. (1) in example program in stopping processing piece urgently, did not end to process of electrify of power source module (PO-END: M130.

7) the circumstance that answers process existence delay time to what #T-72 prepares to finish becomes a consideration. In debug we discover, this defer time is actually objective going up is existence, the accident of time because of the function of power source module different, if do not make delay time, the processing that calls the police to stopping urgently encounters the likelihood the trouble, often need to be pressed for many times repeatedly " RESET " key ability makes power source module prepares normally, stop ability urgently to call the police cleared. In view of safe consideration, we pursue in echelon lieutenant general " RESET " often shut bit of series connection to go to those who make can end a point from the back, after normal electrify, press " RESET " the time that key holds proper, finish the normal preparation of power source module smoothly. Of course, also can increase a delay time directly or define to reserve key is added at the back of what make can be finished. (2) in PLC program, the set that among them one block involves MD14510[16] will decide the logic that is lathe or milling machine concerns, of the pitch on in example program is lathe, the place should be done be adjusted appropriately and revise, otherwise the partial function of Control Panel cannot be used, we come up against Z axis to cannot move when use, only axis of X, Y can move. (3) MCP of SIEMENS 802D system board lathe edition and milling machine edition are general, OK when the way that defines each axis bolts oneself are defined neatly, rod of uses Z of program of milling machine example / negative to define for diagonal. Of 4 main shaft debug system of Xi Menzi 802D to function of imitate main shaft it is the imitate that dominates SIMODRIVE 611UE closed circuit module output is outputted as set point, and coder interface (- X472) be worth an input actually as TTL. Right now, digital feed axis is used at the set value of imitate main shaft as changeover axis, we just are with bus line address " 12 " X axis regards changeover as the axis. As a result of us this second transform use common three-phase to communicate asynchronous electric machinery need not coder feedbacks, it is set of MD30200 of main shaft parameter to needing without the imitate main shaft of direct coder " 0 " . In addition, the model of the transducer that we use is the device of An Chuan frequency conversion of CIMR-G7A4015. (1) the hardware join of 611UE and An Chuan transducer shows 2 times like the graph: (2) use those who had done " driver debugs cable " the X471 of individual PC and 611UE join rises, through SimoCom U of driver debugging aids the concerned parameter to X axis driver and setting have a definition (according to debug manual to operate) , store and restoration. (3) to transducer power transmission, try to move an operation to issue moving electric machinery in the hand, test the stand or fall of transducer and electric machinery; Next, detect automatically below mode of self-study be used to each parameter of electric machinery, after waiting for transducer to be saved automatically, change transducer menu operation pattern. (4) NC side is main main parameter set is worth the set of functional parameter as follows: 13060[0]=0 (bus line address is 12) ; 13070[0]=8000H; 30134=2; 30110=1; 30120=2; 30220=0; 30230=2; is special those who mention is parameter 13070[0] ten million cannot forget set, can appear otherwise cannot call the police clearedly information is: "26015 DRIVE-TELEGRAM-TYPE P915[3] INVAILD " , and function still not become effective. In addition, if be MD30120 setting by accident " 1 " appear possibly still " 2001 PLC stops " call the police, at the same time PLC stops to move. The acquiescent value of the relevant parameter that checks imitate interface is: "MD32250=100; MD32260=3000 " . No hurry first the imitate voltage that adjusts imitate interface, start a machine tool afresh, function of its imitate main shaft already become effective. Main shaft of test run imitate, the signal that confirms imitate voltage and statement of travel of have a change of luck of positive and negative is not had to choose a site for the capital by accident. If run the rate of standard of speed short of of electric machinery, answer to adjust imitate interface through MD32250 and MD32260. In the process that tries electric machinery, we discover the set-point of imitate voltage has 3 only greatly most.

4V left and right sides, this test electric machinery is rated speed is 1440r/min, next executive instructions all are MDA means " M03 S1440 " , revising parameter MD32250 and MD32260 in debugging a process, get the data of a few groups of tests of following watches. Voltage of corresponding imitate of MD32260144014402000300010005003000 of main shaft of MD322505010010010010010050 of main shaft of object name data (unit: V)1.







84 from on the test data of the watch can see the pattern, in give instruction of same rotate speed to fall, 32250 set are worth parameter (effective limits: 0~100) bigger, the imitate voltage that give out will be bigger; 32260 set value exceeds parameter big, the imitate tension that give out is less. Captured this one rule to be able to be finished smoothly to the adjustment of imitate voltage. In debugging a process, it is advisable that the imitate voltage that should give out electric machinery should give out electric machinery in the correspondence when top rotate speed presses a value to adjust 10V. Come here, main shaft adjusts a function to be finished basically. 4 last word classics are transformed, the dependability of this machine tool and can safeguard a gender to get rising greatly, machine tool precision also got ameliorative. Whole transform a process, investment cost little, quality tall, yield results is quick the accord that waits for outstanding characteristic to get authority reputably. Use of the machine tool as scheduled, alleviated in time the manufacturing pressure of the factory, brought good economic benefits for the enterprise. CNC Milling