Center of LWS laser beam machining

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3 axes journey can reach center of LWS series laser beam machining 1000mm, treatment speed can amount to 80m/min, repeat fixed position precision to be able to amount to ± 2 μ M, CNC uses Xi Menzi or HEIDENHAIN can realize 3-6 axle control, use hyperboloid shift device to realize 3D treatment. Additional, use the monitoring system that can adjust a cross to follow a line with the belt of controller an organic whole; Linear unit deserves to have the accurate and oriented unit that handles through quenching; To industry aeriform pressure and discharge can undertake free programme controll, these gift the treatment performance with this good product. SITEC company and world-renowned laser manufacturer are having good cooperative concern. The high-power CO2 of center of LWS series laser beam machining and Nd:YAG laser, all introduce the product of ROFIN or TRUMPF. Through ceaseless innovation, technology of laser beam machining and craft pass the union that accuses a system with much number of axle, in car component huge success was gained on automatic product line. A few special laser technologies, be like: Solder, bore and exterior burnish, apply already extensively in producing a field, make the core technology of SITEC company. CNC Milling