Circumgyrate type mould uses double inject craft to make car component

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One kind is used to at first moulding PET shapes beforehand the tasted car component that notes modular extruder to be able to make double group share now. HuskyInjectionMoldingSystemsLtd.

The company uses technology of Index of its circumgyrate mould sedan and business of lorry component production, be located in this machine manufacturer that how saves Bolton generally to be besides the market that pack continue its business diversity. LearCorp.

Purchased to install Husky company QTI (Quadloc-Tandem-Index) 3 systematic, the extruder of 500 tons of pressure, the car dashboard of share of double group of moulding of in order to. Of dashboard outer it is thermoplastic plastic elastomer, give dashboard a very soft touch. The application with automobile industry potential other includes door inside fender is prevented inside panel, sunshade board, control panel and car. On the press conference that held in the center of Husky company technology of Novi on June 29, the administrative layer of Husky and Lear showed QTI machine. Two device that note model are put linear, every device targets moulding area. Moulding of a device that note model gives dashboard motherboard. Next circumgyrate Index module retroflexions another mould across on the 2nd device that note model, this device that note model will be thermoplastic the surface layer that plastic elastomer moulding is dashboard. Some earlier moment, lear company had bought the angle of company of a Husky to change a machine, the administrative layer of the company says, this machine will be in Xia Mo throws production in the round this year, with the panel inside the door that will make car of a North America. This extruder records model plant of two with a side in its. Craft of much material moulding can make a panel with single step, replace need 7~10 thereby the traditional method that measure ability production gives panel. Such efficient make Lear company car in-house the senior personage KennethShaner that decorates a branch is what QTI says a kind " new epoch-making technology " . Shaner says, "I see this kind of machine is astonished with respect to special ground. To me, this machine and treatment craft will bring the product that changes game regulation. " Shaner is Lear company is set in Mixiegen ministry of the system inside the car of Dearborn is in charge of the city the vice-president of dashboard, cockpit and door system. Shaner says, current, craft of double inject moulding is the popular domain of large car component. This technology foreground special value. He says, "After 10 years, more application that you may discover to than today place sees. " up to now, lear company wins 3 relevant contracts, it is to be this year be about to the belt of production of a car of put into production is thermoplastic plastic elastomer (TPE) the door panel of the polypropylene ground floor that surface layer and fill have French chalk; 2 it is production the belt is thermoplastic plastic elastomer surface layer and thermoplastic alkene (TPO) rock-bottom door panel; 3 it is the panel that 2006 production heads TPE surface layer and TPO ground floor. Because apply the spare parts that this technology moulding comes out is whole, the noise problem of the embarrassment making a person that it can avoid two kinds of plastic component to be caused because of mutual attrition. Shaner says, "It is orderly, do not have seamed whole completely. It is to drive the motivation that domain advancement decorates inside car vehicle. " TPE surface layer can mask rock-bottom dent -- this allows stylist to use bigger arch costal region. In the meantime, a car that marries each other can be made on same table machine inside left and on the right side of component, for example, this technology makes the door panel that come out can make sure perfect facial expression matchs and accurate inventory is controlled. The real growth that craft of moulding of Shaner expectation double inject applies comes from at intermediate car and lorry. Luxurious model the heads epispastic material and surface layer of ester of second of amino formic acid much system panel that the car holds to probably to had been used at present as always. He says, and low end the car will continue to use cost inferior hard plastic will make car interior. CNC Milling