Project machine should introduce environmental protection concept in the design

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Choose engine of low social effects of pollution. Engine is project machine the largest to environmental influence part in all systems, use low oil bad news, low discharge, the negative charge that function of derv of pressure boost of low noise, efficient environmental protection water-cooling drops pair of environments greatly. Reduce overall vibration and noise. Decrease brace up with fall a confusion of voices should be products plan in most the focal problem that requires attention. It is for example in fork-lift truck design, dynamical plant is used two-way decrease brace up the exhaustion that pensile system can overcome system of transmission of force of entire keep in reserve is destroyed; Rear design swings into the center the structure can make rear centre of percussion and motivation input central coincide, reduce add moment of force to pound the vibration of a generation and noise ceaselessly to transmission system well, avoid overall on bumpy road the noise that each component pounds a generation each other. Outside dividing the engine that selects low noise, the structure of lead plane is decorated or structural design of the system also can undertake the improvement of certain specific aim. Be like cooling fan but no longer by engine direct drive, and can drive by hydraulic pressure motor alone, this facilitates separate fan and engine and will whole engine is sealed rise to make noise cannot give wind oral instruction to arrive through fan thereby exterior, reduce the noise effect to the environment; Will reduce the noise that reduce expenditure of vibration of hydraulic pressure oil pump, a powerful person and vitta vibration produce through optimizing hydraulic pressure pipeline to arrange; Can wait in bonnet cover a part the design is stickup and sound-absorbing deadening; Can design cab of type of hermetically sealed whole, sealed damping, sound insulation falls a confusion of voices, reflect truly " it is with the person this " design tenet. CNC Milling